Angelic helpers for creation – Angelica Archangelica and Viper’s Bugloss


Blueweed, aka Viper’s Bugloss, is a wonderful essence that helps us reconnect with the sweetness of life amid all the prickly distractions of the external world. Calm your central nervous system, attract the admirers and support you want, and reduce anxiety and irritation, on all levels — physical, mental, spiritual, emotional. Blueweed reminds us that life IS good, even if it doesn’t always feel that way. The devic energy here is very supportive and works with your guides and angels to increase daily support from the higher realms while opening your heart chakra and increasing the organizational flow between the throat and root chakras.

Angelica Archangelica

Wild Angelica growing creekside, helping us move ecstatically with the flow of life. You have all the energy and potential of the great central sun within you, the creative vibrancy of a firework. Why do you hide the beauty of your feminine side, the manifestational divinity that you hold within? Nurture your vision and let it burst forth. Don’t worry about how the world will receive you, for you are already here and WE are waiting!