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New Coltsfoot Essence brings your soul to life

When you are trying to keep your head up and your courage strong, coltsfoot is a powerful ally. Facilitate kundalini fire and allow youself to take a deep breath — coltsfoot will help you get where your higher mind wants you to be, where your soul speaks to the sun and the stars.

Coltsfoot is one of the first flowers to emerge in spring, looking rather like a leafless dandelion on a tall, reinforced stalk. The flowers bloom first, the giant hoof-like leaves emerging weeks later after the flowers have gone to seed. It can be really difficult to take that first, second, third step, but coltsfoot never acknowledges fear. It helps you blast past self-doubt and merge with a better, sunnier reality, as it encourages your kundalini to rise and greet the golden light of the great central sun.

Physically, coltsfoot essence benefits the solar plexus, diaphragm, and heart chakras, as well as the central nervous system and spine. It is a hardy plant that flourishes even along salty roadsides, teaching us to bloom where we are planted and overcome even the most difficult situations.

Earth Lodge Releases New Flower Essence Guide, Flower Powered and Crystal Clear

Magic is brewing on planet Earth.

Humanity is releasing old karmic and genetic programs as we rise out of survival mode and enter a time of faith, hope, and love. Learn how to harness the magic of your environment through flowers, stones, earth, wind, and sky as you explore the world of essences and elixirs. Learn how to transmute old heavy energies into light and love and rise easily to greet the new earth energies as you create your own essences, make crystal grids, and connect more intimately with the true spirit of nature.

Flower Powered and Crystal Clear contains detailed information on more than 220 flowers and crystals and 15 environmental power sources that you can use to create harmonizing, healing essences, as well as full instructions on how to make, empower, and use your elixirs. Get it today!

Spindle Berry – Autumn Essence for Purification and Inspiration

Spindle tree carries the essential warmth and vitality of the sun into the lower and upper chakras, warming the heart and stimulating the sacral chakra. Get comfortable with yourself, your creativity, and your place in the tribe with our spindle berry essence, lovingly made by the indirect method under the energizing aspects of an Aries moon and bright, clear sun. Linked in Druid lore to the mother of the furies, the spindle tree has ancient associations with inspiration and cleansing. Let go of the old and bless your new beginnings with the passion and fire of spindle berry while you weave your plans. Spindle berry has special four-fold balance, harmonizing the four elements and helping us shed old skin, old patterns, old karma.

Gladiolus Priscilla

Another flower essence to work with the high heart chakra, Gladiolus Priscilla draws love upwards into our consciousness where it can influence our thoughts, words, and deeds. When you are looking to express yourself in a more loving way or to view the world through a more positive lens, this is a good essence to work with. Lots of harsh words and conflict in the home? Add a few drops of Gladiolus Priscilla to your diffuser or room spray and watch the family dynamic shift. Gladiolus Priscilla knows that kindness begins with inner peace and self love — something we all harbor deep at our core, even if its hiding between years of pain or trauma. It’s something our inner child remembers, even if our older selves have forgotten. Love, light, peace. Wash, rinse, repeat. Cleanse your thoughts and lift your heart and remember: peace begins with you.

Fruiting Burr Cucumber – Stronger, Lighter, Easier

Burr Cucumber

Our latest batch of Burr Cucumber is joyful and uplifting. It balances the five elements in your body and allows you to transmute negative energies without taxing the nervous system. Soothing and optimizing the pituatary energy center, Burr Cucumber helps shield our emotional field from external forces and counteract influences that emanate from solar and star-based activities (radiation, gamma waves, etc) . It is a light, airy essence that brings in helpful fae elements and encourages feelings of play and ease.


A Flower Essence to Heal the Hate – Gladiolus Belle de Nuit

Gladiolus, Belle de Nuit

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This essence helps excavate and resolve dark emotions from the depths of our being. Hate. Anger. Like a detective, it follows the trail to the beginning — the kernels of separation, sadness, grief and abandonment that can lead to toxicity. It tunnels down before traveling back up, gently aligning the chakras and cutting cords in our aura which may be draining our overall sense of well-being. The work is slow, but kind – a soft touch, just like its velvet petals. A good essence for trauma victims, addicts and anyone recovering from toxic relationships or situations, whether it was family or a cult. Belle de Nuit helps us find beauty in the dark night of the soul, glean what lessons we needed to receive, and lift us up into the gentle light of dawn. A new beginning.

Joe Pye Weed and The Fountain of Youth

Stay young, inside and out! For the past few years our Fountain of Youth Face Serum has been flying of shelves in local shops — now we’re offering it in our online shop, too! For the vibrationally inclined, we also have a new flower essence blessed by the butterfly kingdom that opens the higher heart chakra (thymus) and encourages cellular rejuvenation.

Sweet Joe-Pye Weed, also known as Hemp Agrimony and Gravel Root, activates the thymus gland chakra, an energy center all about directing your visions with sweetness for the highest good. Opening the higher heart chakra, this essence helps us shift easily into a life that helps others while lifting ourselves, unleashing the full beauty of our soul on the world. If you have been lonely or isolated, this will help you understand that you are never truly alone. Love surrounds you. Life surrounds you. The Butterfly Kingdom blesses you. There is beauty in solitude, the quiet still space where you can connect to your soul and rise above ego. Here, we can remember who we truly are — and then return with the knowledge to awaken our cells, to stay healthier, happier, younger in body and spirit.

Our Fountain of Youth Face Serum features all natural and organic cold-pressed oils and ingredients with safe and natural SPFs PLUS essential oils chosen to combat aging and inflammation. Always formulated with a naturally occurring SPF of 12-20 in each 30ml glass bottle with dropper.

Ingredients: Organic Apricot oil, Tamanu Oil, Organic Raspberry Seed Oil, Carrot Seed Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential oil, Rose Geranium Essential oil, Lavender Essential Oil.

An essence for August – The Lion’s Gate

Lion’s G8 – The Fire Gate

Made over a three day period during the Earth’s alignment with the Lion’s Gate Portal and energetically infused by several passing lightning storms. Lion’s Gate connects us to the starseed energy of Sirius and the fiery, creative numeric power of “8” – manifestation, prosperity, and all our limitless, infinite potential. Go through the gate with a mighty ROAR and open yourself to unconditional love. Be courageous. Be strong. Be yourself and get ready to bring your wildest dreams into reality.

New Bottles, Essences Old & New

Traditionally, we’ve sold our flower essences in 30ml bottles, just like the herbal tinctures we used to sell. Over time, many customers have asked for stock bottles. Stock bottles come at a stronger dosage, packing more power per drop, and in smaller bottles that can more easily be carried around in one’s purse or pocket.

The world is shifting. We’re all becoming lighter, and so is our baggage! With that in mind, we are shifting to 15ml stock bottles in jewel tones to set a higher vibration. Our Essential Remedies and Custom Bottles will still come in larger, 30ml sizes.

In other news, we are retiring our Partridge Pea essence from Storm King, having shipped out the last bottle this week! Farewell, old friend <3 As one door closes, another opens…Meet our newest essence below!

Clover, aka White Dutch or Ground Clover

Ground Clover helps us dismantle manifestations of fear within the community, improving group relations and work dynamics. It encourages peace and unification of vision, while healing old traumas within the collective consciousness.

Angelic helpers for creation – Angelica Archangelica and Viper’s Bugloss


Blueweed, aka Viper’s Bugloss, is a wonderful essence that helps us reconnect with the sweetness of life amid all the prickly distractions of the external world. Calm your central nervous system, attract the admirers and support you want, and reduce anxiety and irritation, on all levels — physical, mental, spiritual, emotional. Blueweed reminds us that life IS good, even if it doesn’t always feel that way. The devic energy here is very supportive and works with your guides and angels to increase daily support from the higher realms while opening your heart chakra and increasing the organizational flow between the throat and root chakras.

Angelica Archangelica

Wild Angelica growing creekside, helping us move ecstatically with the flow of life. You have all the energy and potential of the great central sun within you, the creative vibrancy of a firework. Why do you hide the beauty of your feminine side, the manifestational divinity that you hold within? Nurture your vision and let it burst forth. Don’t worry about how the world will receive you, for you are already here and WE are waiting!