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New Crystal Elixir – Danburite for Calming and Comfort in the Physical Body

Danburite (pink)

Danburite is extremely calming and soothing, with the pink pieces having the strongest peaceful, loving vibration and a strong connection to the angelic realms. Danburite activates the heart and crown chakras, allowing the transmission and reception of positive frequencies from higher levels of Source. Although it activates mental activity and upper chakras, it keeps us in our bodies, connected to the here and now so that we can integrate these beneficial energies with our physical experience. Whether we spend too much time in our upper chakras and out of our bodies, or our souls are still not sure that incarnating was the best idea, danburite helps us feel more comfortable in our bodies and brings us back to reality while facilitating an open channel to our higher selves.

New Flower Essence – Siberian Squill

Siberian Squill

Be easy. Be calm. Release your anger. Siberian Squill helps you transmute anger into joy. It releases emotional hangups that have been stored in your body and are affecting your liver, spleen and pancreas. It helps you communicate and let go of the pain and resentment. Squill sets you free from your inhibitions and self-impose obstacles, so that you can move forward with a sense of joy and freedom.

New Crystal Elixir – Jet for Detox and Release


Jet has long been believed to protect the wearer and invoke good favor from the gods. Jet was often passed down through families for generations, due to a widespread belief that the stone could absorb parts of the bearer’s soul. Indeed, jet will remove unwanted aspects of energy from the aura, helping one attain clarity and comfort much more easily. It also helps us sift through emotional burdens, easing fear and depression. Jet should be cleansed frequently, either in moonlight or by allowing it to sit on a bowl of salt overnight. Jet may be used to harmonize the root chakra, taking one out of survival mode and promoting comfort in the physical realm. Used at the third eye or corwn chakras, it can help draw the kundalini along the spine, raising one’s vibration throughout all the chakras.

Earth Lodge Publishes New Children’s Book about Mae Jemison, The Girl Who Could Dance in Outer Space

The Girl Who Could Dance in Outer Space tells the tale of young Mae Jemison, the creative girl who became a doctor, an engineer, a dancer, and an astronaut. Mae Jemison teaches us that art and science are natural expressions of creativity and imagination. Nurture them both, and go where your dreams take you!



The Girls Who Could is a fun, colorful series of true stories about women have made a difference in the world through inspired action. By giving young girls examples of women who are doing amazing things, children grow up with a template of achievement upon which to grow and expand their own dreams and goals. Each book is written using rhyming verse and fully illustrated with color pictures that children can easily immerse themselves in.

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Also available for e-readers on Amazon.

New Flower Essence – Butterbur for safety and allergies


“We flow with life. We help you do the same. Find comfort in your surroundings. Be comfortable in your body, in your life. Increase your self-esteem and be confident in your abilities, desires and beliefs. Allergies? Skin conditions? Headaches? These are all symptoms of your emotional discomfort and vulnerability. We help you find solace in life, so that you can be physically at ease. There is nothing on this earth that seeks to harm you. You don’t need to defend your self so vigorously. Lower your guard and feel better on a day to day basis.”

Heal Thyself — New Essential Flower and Crystal Support for Physical Health


We have a new essential remedy to support physical healing – Heal Thyself, available at ! Inspire physical healing in the body with support from the flower angels and stone people. The essences here have been carefuly chosen to help foster repair of the etheric body, and allow emotional and physical healing in the here and now. Contains: Bull Thistle, Elder Flower, Foxglove, Gladiolus, Hollyhock, Honeysuckles, White Shasta Dairy, Bloodstone, Chrystoprase, Kunzite and Quartz Flower and Crystal Essences.