Earth Lodge Introduces Five New Crystal Elixirs

These new essences are sure to help you stay grounded and relaxed while raising your vibration.


“We hold the mysteries. We hold the energies of the unfathomable and the potentials of the void. We are that which animates, that which glows. Hold us, and feel yourself re-align with the energy of Source. Use us to heal your gridwork, to rework your DNA, to channel your energies in more positive ways.
Apatite is said to enhance one’s insight, learning abilities and imagination, and to give increased self-confidence. It also is said to help achieve deeper states of meditation, and helps to restore clear thoughts. It creates a willingness to let go of useless aspects of life, people and objects. Continued use of apatite is told to produce a spiritual state of unconditional love, thus it is related to service and to humanitarian pursuits.


“Charoite reaches a place of deep magic within you, and calls it forth. It aligns your self here, your manifestation in the physical world of the Earth-sphere, with all the creative capabilities of your true soul. It allows you to begin creating what you call magic, or miracles, here in the Earth-Sphere. It makes it easier for you to call forth your intention and mingle it with true power. You will feel calmer, yet bolder and more fulfilled, when charoite begins to speak to you.”
Charoite is believed to hold great transformative powers, helping transmute negative energy and raise the vibration of those who work with it. Because of its black and white inclusions, it connects us more easily both to Earth and Spirit.   It has a calming, strengthening nature, encouraging feelings of safety and courage so that one can move forward in any situation. It is a very helpful stone to use during times of transition or turmoil. It is wonderful for children who are afraid of the dark, suffer from nightmares or simply resist going to sleep. It can also be helpful with ADD, increasing powers of concentration and memory. Charoite is used to benefit the nervous system, eyes, head and ears. It is also believed to help shield the body from radiation. It can boost detoxification processes and aid addiction rehabilitation.


Chlorite is very positive and powerful and most favorable for healing.  It is a purifier and a cleanser for the aura, chakras and meridians.  Chlorite is used to counteract hostility, anger and exasperation by dissipating the energy. It is helpful in eliminating toxins and miasms from the body – drink lots of water when you use this crystal to support your detoxification process! Because of these properties it may help one to lose weight and to stimulate the production of beneficial bacteria in the body. Metaphysically chlorite can assist one is connecting with the angelic realm and to open the crown charka to healing energies from the spirit realm. Used at the heart chakra chlorite will cleanse, protect and connect you with love.


“Lepidolite flows directly with Source. See our sparkles? That is a physical representation of source. Wherever there is sparkle, you are invoking source love, source light, source creation. Lepidolote helps you tap in directly to the angels, god and the ascended masters. It connects you to all that is divine, all that is true, all that is you. It balances your chakras and enacts your ability to walk as a god upon the earth. Claim your birthright. Be divine.”
Lepidolite clears away negative energies and raises your vibration. It helps soothe the mind and body by connecting you with Source energy and Source love. Many people find it helpful to use during meditation and astral travel, because it is so adept at connecting us to our higher self. It can also be used to access the Akashic records or facilitate channeling. Use it to clear obstacles and create a new life.
Physically, it is believed to help detoxify the body and heal DNA. It may be used to clear electromagnetic disturbances and calm the energy in a room. Because of its soothing effect, it is often recommended in cases of psychiatric imbalance or nerve disorders. It is also said to strengthen the immune system and help with allergies.


 “Selenite was placed on earth by the angels. It has been used by mankind for millennia to clear the burdens of physical being, to realign the spiritual being at the center of your body and to raise your vibration. It facilitates astral projection and allows the physical body to transcend your current earthly realm to reach higher dimension.” 
Selenite will cut cords and remove energy drains. It is a very calming and soothing energy. It helps us to connect the physical and etheric or ‘light’ bodies. Selenite is associated with the crown chakra and is used to decrease epilepsy and seizure disorders. It has been used by Healers to align the spine and is thought to be good for the skeleton and spine.