Four new flower essences from the Earth Lodge!


Cherry blossom helps us process and release grief, healing our deepest emotional wounds and the memories of physical violence and trauma. Balances masculine and feminine energies. Allows you to reach for joy and happiness within the moment, regardless of what storms may be passing through.


Crabapple boosts are ability to survive here in the physical realm of Earth, increasing our adaptability and overall hardiness. Connects us to the bird tribes, particularly the messengers and sentries.  Crabapple shows us the wonder of this game of life and allows us to release, forgive and let go — especially when it comes to ourselves.


Forsythia imbues the body and soul with direct solar energy, awakening divine energy within the body for cleansing and recalibration. Re-tune your vibration to connect more easily with your higher self and the divine.


Quince brings us sweetness and shelter, making it one of the best essences to help overcome shyness. It allows us to form and maintain positive boundaries so that we can assert ourselves and pursue what we really want, rather than being a tumbleweed blowing through other people’s lives. It is a great choice for quiet children and anyone who has not been allowed to have their own voice.