Gladiolus Priscilla

Another flower essence to work with the high heart chakra, Gladiolus Priscilla draws love upwards into our consciousness where it can influence our thoughts, words, and deeds. When you are looking to express yourself in a more loving way or to view the world through a more positive lens, this is a good essence to work with. Lots of harsh words and conflict in the home? Add a few drops of Gladiolus Priscilla to your diffuser or room spray and watch the family dynamic shift. Gladiolus Priscilla knows that kindness begins with inner peace and self love — something we all harbor deep at our core, even if its hiding between years of pain or trauma. It’s something our inner child remembers, even if our older selves have forgotten. Love, light, peace. Wash, rinse, repeat. Cleanse your thoughts and lift your heart and remember: peace begins with you.