A Flower Essence to Heal the Hate – Gladiolus Belle de Nuit

Gladiolus, Belle de Nuit

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This essence helps excavate and resolve dark emotions from the depths of our being. Hate. Anger. Like a detective, it follows the trail to the beginning — the kernels of separation, sadness, grief and abandonment that can lead to toxicity. It tunnels down before traveling back up, gently aligning the chakras and cutting cords in our aura which may be draining our overall sense of well-being. The work is slow, but kind – a soft touch, just like its velvet petals. A good essence for trauma victims, addicts and anyone recovering from toxic relationships or situations, whether it was family or a cult. Belle de Nuit helps us find beauty in the dark night of the soul, glean what lessons we needed to receive, and lift us up into the gentle light of dawn. A new beginning.

Joe Pye Weed and The Fountain of Youth

Stay young, inside and out! For the past few years our Fountain of Youth Face Serum has been flying of shelves in local shops — now we’re offering it in our online shop, too! For the vibrationally inclined, we also have a new flower essence blessed by the butterfly kingdom that opens the higher heart chakra (thymus) and encourages cellular rejuvenation.

Sweet Joe-Pye Weed, also known as Hemp Agrimony and Gravel Root, activates the thymus gland chakra, an energy center all about directing your visions with sweetness for the highest good. Opening the higher heart chakra, this essence helps us shift easily into a life that helps others while lifting ourselves, unleashing the full beauty of our soul on the world. If you have been lonely or isolated, this will help you understand that you are never truly alone. Love surrounds you. Life surrounds you. The Butterfly Kingdom blesses you. There is beauty in solitude, the quiet still space where you can connect to your soul and rise above ego. Here, we can remember who we truly are — and then return with the knowledge to awaken our cells, to stay healthier, happier, younger in body and spirit.

Our Fountain of Youth Face Serum features all natural and organic cold-pressed oils and ingredients with safe and natural SPFs PLUS essential oils chosen to combat aging and inflammation. Always formulated with approximately 100mg CBD and a naturally occurring SPF of 12-20 in each 30ml glass bottle with dropper.

Ingredients: Organic Apricot oil, Tamanu Oil, Organic Raspberry Seed Oil, Carrot Seed Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential oil, Rose Geranium Essential oil, Lavender Essential Oil, naturally derived hemp cannabinoids.

An essence for August – The Lion’s Gate

Lion’s G8 – The Fire Gate

Made over a three day period during the Earth’s alignment with the Lion’s Gate Portal and energetically infused by several passing lightning storms. Lion’s Gate connects us to the starseed energy of Sirius and the fiery, creative numeric power of “8” – manifestation, prosperity, and all our limitless, infinite potential. Go through the gate with a mighty ROAR and open yourself to unconditional love. Be courageous. Be strong. Be yourself and get ready to bring your wildest dreams into reality.

New Bottles, Lower Prices, Essences Old & New

Traditionally, we’ve sold our flower essences in 30ml bottles, just like the herbal tinctures we used to sell. Over time, many customers have asked for stock bottles. Stock bottles come at a stronger dosage, packing more power per drop, and in smaller bottles that can more easily be carried around in one’s purse or pocket.

The world is shifting. We’re all becoming lighter, and so is our baggage! With that in mind, we are shifting to 15ml stock bottles in jewel tones to set a higher vibration at a lower price point. Our Essential Remedies and Custom Bottles will still come in larger, 30ml sizes.

In other news, we are retiring our Partridge Pea essence from Storm King, having shipped out the last bottle this week! Farewell, old friend <3 As one door closes, another opens…Meet our newest essence below!

Clover, aka White Dutch or Ground Clover

Ground Clover helps us dismantle manifestations of fear within the community, improving group relations and work dynamics. It encourages peace and unification of vision, while healing old traumas within the collective consciousness.

Angelic helpers for creation – Angelica Archangelica and Viper’s Bugloss


Blueweed, aka Viper’s Bugloss, is a wonderful essence that helps us reconnect with the sweetness of life amid all the prickly distractions of the external world. Calm your central nervous system, attract the admirers and support you want, and reduce anxiety and irritation, on all levels — physical, mental, spiritual, emotional. Blueweed reminds us that life IS good, even if it doesn’t always feel that way. The devic energy here is very supportive and works with your guides and angels to increase daily support from the higher realms while opening your heart chakra and increasing the organizational flow between the throat and root chakras.

Angelica Archangelica

Wild Angelica growing creekside, helping us move ecstatically with the flow of life. You have all the energy and potential of the great central sun within you, the creative vibrancy of a firework. Why do you hide the beauty of your feminine side, the manifestational divinity that you hold within? Nurture your vision and let it burst forth. Don’t worry about how the world will receive you, for you are already here and WE are waiting!

Artic Snowflower, Trientalis Europea, helps you find your true north.

Artic Starflower

Feel like you are caught between two worlds, or two ways of thinking? Have a hard time making decisions? Artic Starflower will help ground you here in the physical so you can do more than just survive. This essence connects acts like a compass for soul paths, connecting you to all seven directions so you can easily navigate life on earth AND thrive!
Artic Starflower harmonizes the seven chakras of the body to sustain geopathic assaults, forging a more resiliant etheric body by aligning with the energies of the fae. It will also activate any high vibration starseed bloodlines. If you are sensitive to the energies coming in from solar flares or deep space, this will help you take everything in with grace. Do you sometimes feel powerless or misunderstood, like a small soul in a big world, or easily overlooked? Arctic Starflower will help you reclaim your true power.

Woodland Wonders – Trout Lily, Painted Trillium, and Lily of the Valley Flower Essences make their debut

This weekend we hiked deep into the mountain forests in search of three very special essences. We talked to the trees. We communed with the local elementals. And then, we found them. Painted Trillium called to us more loudly than her sisters of deep purple and pure unadorned white. Yellow Trout Lily nodded, giggled and bowed while Lily of the Valley sang us a quiet song. We thanked them all for their offerings and then we made our essences in two stages: first, under a hot northern sun; second, to the booms and gale force winds of spring thunderclouds of turquoise and grey. Great power, and great healing.

Trillium, Painted

Painted Trillium dissolves obstinance and stubborn behaviors. Trillium, especially painted trillium, effortlessly balances the male and female energies within the etheric blueprint, allowing us to work with akash and the merkaba more easily. Physically, it clears deep karmic infections and supports the production of vigorous white blood cells.

Trout Lily, Yellow

Weather any storm with our Yellow Trout Lily essence. Just a few drops will balance the 2nd, 3rd and 4th chakras while facilitating a deep cleanse of fear-based distortions. Physically, try Trout Lily to calm nervous stomaches and digestive disorders.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley helps us go deeper with a wider view — grasp the bigger picture on all levels, while you uncover buried emotions and gather focus to do what you need to do. Lily of the Valley helps us understand both the details and the whole, so we can work well with others and foster a better community.

Acer and Galanthus – Two New Essences for April 2019

We have two beautifully high energy essences this month to help you navigate the strong energies hitting our planet lately and forcing us all to evolve or get left behind.

Snowdrop, or Galanthus Nivalis, gracefully prepares you for change, for any experience by completely leveling you up to wherever you need to be, right here, right now. With utter purity, total readiness, you’ll be able to face whatever comes your way. Don’t get a clean slate — BE a clean slate!!

Sugar Maple, or Acer Saccharum, is stimulating. Have you been feeling tired, apathetic, lazy? This Acer fills your reserves so you are charged up and ready to go! It will spur you into action, wake you from apathy and boredom with an itch to achieve, a renewed sense of vigor and desire to DO something.

New Essence! Mountain SUPER Spruce – Let our Red Spruce Essence take you to a whole new level.

Plucked from a Red Spruce at 4000ft under the light of a full and wintry Super Moon, this mountain-lover’s essence is just what you need to clear out old, carbon-based karma under a comforting cloak of protection. Ancient, wise, resilient with just a hint of sass — these are the qualities of our Mountain Super Spruce essence (Pikea Rubens).

Want to up your vibration and face the craziness of the twenty-first century with insurmountable calm and strength of mind? Want to clear your aura and shield your energies from external tampering? Looking for peace, joy, and the freedom to laugh? This is your essence.

Stay young, stay strong, and evolve into your crystalline form.

Four new flower essences from the Earth Lodge!


Cherry blossom helps us process and release grief, healing our deepest emotional wounds and the memories of physical violence and trauma. Balances masculine and feminine energies. Allows you to reach for joy and happiness within the moment, regardless of what storms may be passing through.


Crabapple boosts are ability to survive here in the physical realm of Earth, increasing our adaptability and overall hardiness. Connects us to the bird tribes, particularly the messengers and sentries.  Crabapple shows us the wonder of this game of life and allows us to release, forgive and let go — especially when it comes to ourselves.


Forsythia imbues the body and soul with direct solar energy, awakening divine energy within the body for cleansing and recalibration. Re-tune your vibration to connect more easily with your higher self and the divine.


Quince brings us sweetness and shelter, making it one of the best essences to help overcome shyness. It allows us to form and maintain positive boundaries so that we can assert ourselves and pursue what we really want, rather than being a tumbleweed blowing through other people’s lives. It is a great choice for quiet children and anyone who has not been allowed to have their own voice.