Artic Snowflower, Trientalis Europea, helps you find your true north.

Artic Starflower

Feel like you are caught between two worlds, or two ways of thinking? Have a hard time making decisions? Artic Starflower will help ground you here in the physical so you can do more than just survive. This essence connects acts like a compass for soul paths, connecting you to all seven directions so you can easily navigate life on earth AND thrive!
Artic Starflower harmonizes the seven chakras of the body to sustain geopathic assaults, forging a more resiliant etheric body by aligning with the energies of the fae. It will also activate any high vibration starseed bloodlines. If you are sensitive to the energies coming in from solar flares or deep space, this will help you take everything in with grace. Do you sometimes feel powerless or misunderstood, like a small soul in a big world, or easily overlooked? Arctic Starflower will help you reclaim your true power.

Woodland Wonders – Trout Lily, Painted Trillium, and Lily of the Valley Flower Essences make their debut

This weekend we hiked deep into the mountain forests in search of three very special essences. We talked to the trees. We communed with the local elementals. And then, we found them. Painted Trillium called to us more loudly than her sisters of deep purple and pure unadorned white. Yellow Trout Lily nodded, giggled and bowed while Lily of the Valley sang us a quiet song. We thanked them all for their offerings and then we made our essences in two stages: first, under a hot northern sun; second, to the booms and gale force winds of spring thunderclouds of turquoise and grey. Great power, and great healing.

Trillium, Painted

Painted Trillium dissolves obstinance and stubborn behaviors. Trillium, especially painted trillium, effortlessly balances the male and female energies within the etheric blueprint, allowing us to work with akash and the merkaba more easily. Physically, it clears deep karmic infections and supports the production of vigorous white blood cells.

Trout Lily, Yellow

Weather any storm with our Yellow Trout Lily essence. Just a few drops will balance the 2nd, 3rd and 4th chakras while facilitating a deep cleanse of fear-based distortions. Physically, try Trout Lily to calm nervous stomaches and digestive disorders.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley helps us go deeper with a wider view — grasp the bigger picture on all levels, while you uncover buried emotions and gather focus to do what you need to do. Lily of the Valley helps us understand both the details and the whole, so we can work well with others and foster a better community.

Acer and Galanthus – Two New Essences for April 2019

We have two beautifully high energy essences this month to help you navigate the strong energies hitting our planet lately and forcing us all to evolve or get left behind.

Snowdrop, or Galanthus Nivalis, gracefully prepares you for change, for any experience by completely leveling you up to wherever you need to be, right here, right now. With utter purity, total readiness, you’ll be able to face whatever comes your way. Don’t get a clean slate — BE a clean slate!!

Sugar Maple, or Acer Saccharum, is stimulating. Have you been feeling tired, apathetic, lazy? This Acer fills your reserves so you are charged up and ready to go! It will spur you into action, wake you from apathy and boredom with an itch to achieve, a renewed sense of vigor and desire to DO something.

New Essence! Mountain SUPER Spruce – Let our Red Spruce Essence take you to a whole new level.

Plucked from a Red Spruce at 4000ft under the light of a full and wintry Super Moon, this mountain-lover’s essence is just what you need to clear out old, carbon-based karma under a comforting cloak of protection. Ancient, wise, resilient with just a hint of sass — these are the qualities of our Mountain Super Spruce essence (Pikea Rubens).

Want to up your vibration and face the craziness of the twenty-first century with insurmountable calm and strength of mind? Want to clear your aura and shield your energies from external tampering? Looking for peace, joy, and the freedom to laugh? This is your essence.

Stay young, stay strong, and evolve into your crystalline form.

Four new flower essences from the Earth Lodge!


Cherry blossom helps us process and release grief, healing our deepest emotional wounds and the memories of physical violence and trauma. Balances masculine and feminine energies. Allows you to reach for joy and happiness within the moment, regardless of what storms may be passing through.


Crabapple boosts are ability to survive here in the physical realm of Earth, increasing our adaptability and overall hardiness. Connects us to the bird tribes, particularly the messengers and sentries.  Crabapple shows us the wonder of this game of life and allows us to release, forgive and let go — especially when it comes to ourselves.


Forsythia imbues the body and soul with direct solar energy, awakening divine energy within the body for cleansing and recalibration. Re-tune your vibration to connect more easily with your higher self and the divine.


Quince brings us sweetness and shelter, making it one of the best essences to help overcome shyness. It allows us to form and maintain positive boundaries so that we can assert ourselves and pursue what we really want, rather than being a tumbleweed blowing through other people’s lives. It is a great choice for quiet children and anyone who has not been allowed to have their own voice.

New Essential Remedy and Single Essences from Earth Lodge

Earth Lodge has been SPRING CLEANING! Our fairy devas have instructed us that it was time to amp up our stock, and we have retired over fifty essences and essential remedies and been adding new ones. This week, we added 13 new single flower essences and a fabulous Essential Remedy for Ascension. These are high vibrational elixirs meant to help us boost our light bodies and soul connections so we can channel more light here on earth. Enjoy!

Essential Ascension Formula

Allow your energy to rise to ascension levels on a clear, easy path. Toxins and shadow programming are gently released. Etheric shields are strengthened. The soul and body are able to embrace each other and be comfortable in this plane of existence. Guidance is received more easily, unconditional love and source energy unfolds with joy. Feel nurtured and at peace, not under attack or uncomfortable. Contains six stellar flower essences with one supporting stone: Crown Vetch, Hot Pink Geranium, Miniature Pink Rose, Miniature Orchid, Meyer Lemon, Zinnia and Kunzite.


Bloodroot clears family karma and genetic distortions in the most gentle, clear way possible: by flooding the lightbody with the purest source energy. That which was dark, transforms into beauty. That which was bitter becomes sweet.

Cactus, Christmas

Christmas cactus helps us discern which patterns are worth repeating. It helps us break out of systems of self-destruction and patterns of low vibration. It helps us to recognize both the light in ourselves, and in others, so that we can release habits of judgment and doubt.

Cactus, Teddy Bear Cholla

Teddy Bear Cholla is a sweet essence that helps us tap into our inner reserves. In our modern world, we are told that we need so much to survive and be happy: but this is not so. All we need is a little but of nourishment, and a lot of light. Teddy Bear Cholla helps us cut excess from our life so that we can focus on the only thing that really matters: reaching for joy. If you think your life is off-track or you’re worried that things aren’t progressing as they should be, try some of our Cholla essence — it will help steer you in the right direction and show you all the blessings you already have.


Chicory is a creative, nurturing essence. Sometimes we care too much, put too  much of ourselves into our work and our relationships. When things don’t go our way or people express themselves independently, we might feel used, abandoned or betrayed. In reality, we are the only ones who can truly nurture ourselves. All love must come from within. We can only support that process in others, but we can n ot be the source of their light, nor they ours. Chicory helps us become more self-reliant, more independantly bright and satisfied. It helps us stregnthen our own grounding system so that we can truly reveal our beauty and creativity to the world. It helps us break out of patterns of over-thinking and creative blocks.

Crown Vetch

Crown vetch is an amazing flower of ascension. Like the lotus, it thrives and rises out of the muck — in this case, transmuting environmental toxins and pollution. Crown vetch helps our bodies do the same so that we can naturally rise in vibration and transistion into a better lifestyle without having to even think about it. Small changes will simply begin to happen in your life so that everything comes together more naturally, more healthfully, more high-vibrationally. Crown vetch reminds us that the tiniest shifts can be the most powerful, cascading and coalescing into a wave of beauty and perfection.

Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris)

A preferred smudging plant throughout much of Europe and North America, Mugwort is known to us as “Dreaming Lady.” As a flower essence she helps banish our fears and bad dreams, and is a wonderful essence to use with children who are insecure, do not like to be alone, or have trouble sleeping. Too many entities disturbing your rest? Try a few drops of mugwort at night — you will be shielded by Mugworts nurturing, silvery lunar energy so that you may have pleasant dreams and sleep peacefully. Physically, it is considered a plant for balancing feminine energies and working with issues of sexuality and fertility.

Orchid, Miniature

Miniature Orchid helps us heal and restore our DNA to divine purity. It raises our overall vibration and is incredibly powerful, despite its smaller stature. Mini Orchid rides the waves of ascension high into the higher realms and dimensions, allowing us to communicate more deeply with our higher selves and angelic guides. It can also facilitate kundalini awakenings.

Orchid, Magenta

Peace. Calm. Divine Love. Magenta Orchid wraps you up in a hug from source, smooths all your edges and soothes those frayed nerves. It allows you to express yourself with authority and assurance — whether in creative endeavors, day to day conversation or the bedroom. Physically, it helps us enjoy our sexual side and be open to pleasure.


Pachysandra helps us to thrive during our darkest days, allowing our being to tunnel out towards the light. If you are doing deep shadow work, this is a very supportive essence. It secures our boundaries and helps shield us from threats, making us more resilient and able to thrive, even in the most adverse conditions. Physically, it can help stem the spread of disease at the root.


Be cool. Release your anger. Don’t react so much. In a world of ever-burgeoning technology and distraction, peppermint helps us stay focused and ignore distractions. Instead of relying on crutches to dull pain or sensation, peppermint helps us open up to the world around us in a comfortable way. A great essence for those suffering from chemical or sensory sensitivities. Physically, helpful to restore balance to the nervous system and hormones.

Queen Anne’s Lace (Daucus carota)

Queen Anne’s Lace has a unifying, restructuring energy. It brings groups together; it allows our soul pieces to regain cohesion. Use any time you are reintegrating soul pieces or doing soul retreival and past life work. Queen Anne is also very helpful when we are trying to pick up the pieces — after a divorce, a traumatic accident, or a confusing and sudden ending to any situation (including loss). A good study aid that helps one bring information together and maintain stability and calm. Fabulous for fostering teamwork. Physically, Queen Anne is cooling and soothing, especially when it comes to skin issues.

Rose, Miniature Pink

Miniature Pink Rose offers a supreme boost to your etheric shield. This is the area of your light body where dis-ease so often starts and implants take hold — Mini Pink offers to secure your shields and perform regular sweeps. Don’t underestimate her, for her love is fierce and pure.


Zinnia is an essence of INDOMITABLE JOY. Release your inner child, you pure source laughter, your mighty I AM presence of pleasure and joy. Nothing is wrong with your life — it is ALL a game of the most magnificent wonder and bounty and joy. Zinnia will help you find pleasure and satisfaction in every moment.

Earth Lodge Introduces Five New Crystal Elixirs

These new essences are sure to help you stay grounded and relaxed while raising your vibration.


“We hold the mysteries. We hold the energies of the unfathomable and the potentials of the void. We are that which animates, that which glows. Hold us, and feel yourself re-align with the energy of Source. Use us to heal your gridwork, to rework your DNA, to channel your energies in more positive ways.
Apatite is said to enhance one’s insight, learning abilities and imagination, and to give increased self-confidence. It also is said to help achieve deeper states of meditation, and helps to restore clear thoughts. It creates a willingness to let go of useless aspects of life, people and objects. Continued use of apatite is told to produce a spiritual state of unconditional love, thus it is related to service and to humanitarian pursuits.


“Charoite reaches a place of deep magic within you, and calls it forth. It aligns your self here, your manifestation in the physical world of the Earth-sphere, with all the creative capabilities of your true soul. It allows you to begin creating what you call magic, or miracles, here in the Earth-Sphere. It makes it easier for you to call forth your intention and mingle it with true power. You will feel calmer, yet bolder and more fulfilled, when charoite begins to speak to you.”
Charoite is believed to hold great transformative powers, helping transmute negative energy and raise the vibration of those who work with it. Because of its black and white inclusions, it connects us more easily both to Earth and Spirit.   It has a calming, strengthening nature, encouraging feelings of safety and courage so that one can move forward in any situation. It is a very helpful stone to use during times of transition or turmoil. It is wonderful for children who are afraid of the dark, suffer from nightmares or simply resist going to sleep. It can also be helpful with ADD, increasing powers of concentration and memory. Charoite is used to benefit the nervous system, eyes, head and ears. It is also believed to help shield the body from radiation. It can boost detoxification processes and aid addiction rehabilitation.


Chlorite is very positive and powerful and most favorable for healing.  It is a purifier and a cleanser for the aura, chakras and meridians.  Chlorite is used to counteract hostility, anger and exasperation by dissipating the energy. It is helpful in eliminating toxins and miasms from the body – drink lots of water when you use this crystal to support your detoxification process! Because of these properties it may help one to lose weight and to stimulate the production of beneficial bacteria in the body. Metaphysically chlorite can assist one is connecting with the angelic realm and to open the crown charka to healing energies from the spirit realm. Used at the heart chakra chlorite will cleanse, protect and connect you with love.


“Lepidolite flows directly with Source. See our sparkles? That is a physical representation of source. Wherever there is sparkle, you are invoking source love, source light, source creation. Lepidolote helps you tap in directly to the angels, god and the ascended masters. It connects you to all that is divine, all that is true, all that is you. It balances your chakras and enacts your ability to walk as a god upon the earth. Claim your birthright. Be divine.”
Lepidolite clears away negative energies and raises your vibration. It helps soothe the mind and body by connecting you with Source energy and Source love. Many people find it helpful to use during meditation and astral travel, because it is so adept at connecting us to our higher self. It can also be used to access the Akashic records or facilitate channeling. Use it to clear obstacles and create a new life.
Physically, it is believed to help detoxify the body and heal DNA. It may be used to clear electromagnetic disturbances and calm the energy in a room. Because of its soothing effect, it is often recommended in cases of psychiatric imbalance or nerve disorders. It is also said to strengthen the immune system and help with allergies.


 “Selenite was placed on earth by the angels. It has been used by mankind for millennia to clear the burdens of physical being, to realign the spiritual being at the center of your body and to raise your vibration. It facilitates astral projection and allows the physical body to transcend your current earthly realm to reach higher dimension.” 
Selenite will cut cords and remove energy drains. It is a very calming and soothing energy. It helps us to connect the physical and etheric or ‘light’ bodies. Selenite is associated with the crown chakra and is used to decrease epilepsy and seizure disorders. It has been used by Healers to align the spine and is thought to be good for the skeleton and spine.

NEW! Two Flower Essences & A Crystal Elixir


We are here for the children, especially the abused and the neglected. We bring joy and security, and remind all beings that it is okay to play. Okay to laugh. Okay to reach for joy. Sometimes (maybe always) play is the most important thing — not work. Lift your head to the sun, and bring that joy into your being, ground your happiness in the physical realm and laugh from your belly, jump and dance and remember that YOU deserve to be happy. Physically, we help the body feel safe so that it may heal from all trauma and wounds, old and new, and release the hold of sorrow upon the musculoskeletal system.


“We help you discern what it is you should really be caring about, so that you can know where your true soul passions reside. If you are one of those who often lies to yourself or rationalizes things too much, or cannot make decsions, we will help you. If you are feeling unloved or unfulfilled, we will show you what shifts in your being or surrounding will most benefit you. We shimmer and attract all the light of your soul, and shine it directly upon that which is truly most pleasing to you. No need to search for direction – we will show you the way.”

Rhodonite is a magnesium inosilicate, a chain silicate whose chains repeat five times in tetrahedral form. This is significant, because the tretrahedron (the four sided pyramid) is first of all sacred geometry shapes. The structure of rhodonite is such that it is always harmonizing the physical plane around it, birthing a balanced reality. The number five, of course, signifies the unity of the five elements: earth, air, fire, water and spirit. Rhodonite literally creates a prayer string of manifestational energy connecting vision and accomplishment on all five levels to create massive shifts in the physical plane. Naturally, rhodonite boosts self-confidence and courage, so we are able to find our way.

This beautiful pink stone carries its name from the Greek word for “rosy” (rhodos) and connects us to the divine loving energies of the pink ray: Kuan Yin, Ma’at, Archangel Chamuel, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary. Considered by many to be a fabulous aid for relationships and matters of the heart, rhodonite can be helpful in strengthening and opening the heart chakra with pure source love. It is a fiery stone, full of passion and excitement, and it tends to invoke the same emotions in those who work with it while allowing one to overcome patterns of pain. Rhodonite is a heart-healing stone, good for cementing worthy relationships and easing the process of forgiveness.

Also connected with the root chakra, rhodonite helps strengthen the flow of energy through the entire body, healing muscles and detoxing organs. If you have circulatory, swelling or inflammatory issues, rhodonite may be quite helpful.


Sunflower helps you find inner reserves of strength and compassion within your being when you need them most. It helps boost confidence and allows one to overcome stage-fright and fears of public speaking. This is an ideal essence for teachers, because it helps one stand tall yet remain humble and open. Sunflower can also help us find the positive qualities of any situation and release fear and anger by harmonizing the third chakra at the solar plexus. Physically, sunflower may help bones and posture, especially through the ankles, hips and spine as it works with the central pole.

Meet Our Newest Essence – Eastern White Pine

Eastern White Pine holds a special place in our heart and home. Every fall and spring, our guides remind us to drink the light, refreshing tea that can be made from the tree’s needles and twigs. As a tea, it is a powerful tonic and immune booster. As a flower essence? It has an entirely different purpose. This essences enhances all your senses. It opens you to sensual delight, increases auric sight and intuition, makes you revel in the lightness of being. At the same time, it quietly strengthens your aura and shields you from heavy vibrations and energy drains.

Spring is just about here and the plants are singing

Snow keeps coming, but you can’t stop the procession of seasons! Spring is forcing its way through the door, and the plants are excited. So excited, in fact, they’ve been begging us to make a few new flower essences.

We’ve got some stunning Pink Floyd Roses, the most recent petals off our ever-blooming Pink Geranium (yes, it goes ALL winter!!) and the early buds off an indomitable Meyer Lemon tree.

Lemon, Meyer

Indomitable. A force to be reckoned with, yet unfailingly sweet. Meyer Lemon is bold yet loving, strong yet giving. Try this essence when your defenses need bolstering, when you need to be reminded of how to be fun and light and sweet but you also want to be strong and maintain your boundaries. It allows you to feel safe, so that you can relax into yourself and approach whatever comes your way with ease and a light manner, always focusing on what really matters: the heart.

Rose,  Pink Floyd

“I am audacious, a loud voice ringing with the purity of love. Use me to uncover the darkest secrets and hidden depths of pain in your heart, so that we can transform them together. “Bring out your dead” and let me breathe new life into the cold, dank places they used to reside, while we transmute your darkest feelings into the light.”

Geranium, Hot Pink (Winter Blooming Pelargonium)

The fun  never stops! Breathe fresh life into your tired bones with Hot Pink Geranium, Winter Blooming. Remind your cells that life is GOOD, an amazing, everlasting, filled-with-surprises, never boring GAME. Your soul knows it, and enjoys every minute, no matter how you’ve judged it. Remember that life is meant to be fun, all the ups, and all the downs. This essence helps  you be more comfortable in the physical realm and bring pure enjoyment back to your life.