Flower Essences

Single Flower Remedies A through H I through R S through Z

The power of flowers at your fingers in a 1 ounce stock bottle with dropper! Take our Flower Essences 5-15 drops at time, either directly in the mouth or added to a glass of water. They can be taken every 15 minutes to relieve acute stress, or once or twice a day for to instigate long-term change and healing. Single remedies cost $12.00 each, or $16.00 for our pre-formulated Essential Remedies. 4 ounce custom combination bottles are also available.



Astilbe heals trauma and assists with the process of letting go. It is very good to clear away patterns of addiction, victimization, and abuse. Particularly good for rescue animals.


Barberry strengthens the body, mind and soul. It takes delicate conditions and fragile energies and gives them a major boost. It helps raises immunity and increases our resistance — to pain, stress, disease, seasonal allergies, anything at all that would generally weaken us loses its power in the face of barberry. Barberry works by creating an auric field of protection around the body. Tired of being afraid all the time? Tired of feeling like a victim? Feel like you need round-the-clock protection? Barberry is a great friend.

Black-eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susan reaches into the past to create a new lineage and heal familial rifts. It clears karma and heals anger and guilt. It uplifts the dark, and transmutes it to Light. Great for animals who may suffer from genetic behavioral problems, and pack in-fighting and anger issues.

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart stops the drama. It stops the pain, it stops the fear. It takes you into your heart center to see right where changes really need to be made. Do you have a hard time saying no? Hard time saying yes? This will help you either way. Stops you from making yourdelf a victim or a martyr and lets the truth flow straight from source to you, to the world. Let the sun shine in! Bleeding heart stops the cycles of pain and sadness, helps you release traumas and hurts, and opens up the pathways to bigger and greater love.

Bull Thistle

Bull Thistle allows one to see problems and issues that are hidden and locked away deep within themselves, so that one can release and transmute them positively. Physically, it boosts the immune system.

Burr Cucumber

Burr Cucumber is joyful and uplifting. It balances the five elements in your body and allows you to release your fears and stresses by bringing them to the surface where you can see them, acknowledge them and let them go. It is a light, airy essence that brings in fairies and feelings of joyful ease.


“We flow with life. We help you do the same. Find comfort in your surroundings. Be comfortable in your body, in your life. Increase your self-esteem and be confident in your abilities, desires and beliefs. Allergies? Skin conditions? Headaches? These are all symptoms of your emotional discomfort and vulnerability. We help you find solace in life, so that you can be physically at ease. There is nothing on this earth that seeks to harm you. You don’t need to defend your self so vigorously. Lower your guard and feel better on a day to day basis.”


Chickweed is a small and humble plant that nourishes the soul on a basic level by bringing in more source energy through your root chakra. It is helpful to those who have trouble sleeping through the night, fear the dark and the unknown.


Clematis Flower essence fights tumors and growths in the body, and distortions of the mind. Ill thoughts, depression, and corruption all benefit from Clematis. Clematis opens the higher chakras in short bursts, re-aligning them with their soul-purpose as they are cleansed. The mental and etheric bodies also benefit from Clematis, allowing miasms and karmic and genetic distortions to be re-programmed and wiped clean.


“We are the first. The bravest. The most daring. We take all the energy that has been stored in the earth and use it to burst out of the darkness of winter before all others, to bloom brightest when no one else will dare. Work with us to grow stronger and braver, to face adversity head on with fearless resolution.”


Daffodil creates a protective shield around the body. Feeling uneasy, worried or distressed? Try Daffodil. It is both reassuring and expansive, creating a brighter outlook in life along with feelings of safety and security. Physically, daffodil benefits digestive disorders and reflux. It optimize sthe assimilation of both nutrients and ideas.

Elder Flower, Summer Solstice

Elder Flower Summer Solstice essence connects you to the fairies and nature devas. This special essence was made on the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year and a time traditionally linked with fairy revels. Legend has it that if you rub elder flower water on your eyes at the solstice, you will gain “fairy sight” or the ability to see the fey. We’ve all tried it, and feel much more in tune with our fantastic sides! In particular, our elder essence links you to the full power and dynamism of the sun, and is helpful to all those seeking to study herbalism, the druid arts, or other mystical schools of knowledge. Elder flower stimulates energy, vigor, resilience, joy, and our powers of renewal. A very good essence for animals and people who are recovering from a prolonged illness, elder is also helpful for those who are “feeling their age” or looking to feel younger.

Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose balances the male and female aspects of the self, and also fosters easier relationships between the sexes. It encourages openness and honesty, truth and trust. Good for those who have a hard time entering relationships, as well as animals involved in breeding or mixed-sex packs. Evening primrose helps create a strong, dependable foundation to support the lightness of beauty of joy with ease.

Flowering Raspberry

Flowering Raspberry draws the sweetness of life to oneself. It revitalizes the mind and clears “fuzzy” thinking. Benefits aging animals and people.


Foxglove is for healing any trauma in the past future or present. It heals all wounds on all levels. It opens the heart for healing and shields from negativity. It lends strong, supple resilience to those who take it.

Gaillardia Aristata

“Who are we of the gaillardia clan? We are the small yet hearty, the rugged beauty of the American wastelands and deserts brought into your garden to spread laughter and amusement. We bring you strength, courage, fearlessness. We help those in times of need, in times of trouble, to find their center. We ground you, increasing energy and stamina, while cleansing your aura with light. Behold us, and laugh! Behold us and be at ease!”


Gladiolus activates the kundalini and fires the soul, raising the vibration of the body simultaneously. It clears mass consciousness, facilitates transition and enables ascension. Helpful for auto-immune diseases and fatigue.

Holly: Hurricane Holly #9

Hurricane Holly #9 was made during the buildup of a significant East Coast Hurricane, with two Holly flowers, a four-petaled flower and a five-petaled flower, and with 9 quartz crystals surrounding it. This Holly essence empowers and balances all the forces of nature and the five elements within you to create the strongest clearing effects possible. Parasites, miasms, dark beings and genetic disturbances scurry and flee before it. Damaged cells are purged and you are left feeling clean and clear. If you suffer any de-tox symptoms while taking this essence, drink an 8-ounce glass of water with ¼ teaspoon salt (the higher-vibration the salt, the better: Himalayan, Pure Sea Salt, etc) in it up to three times a day. Traditionally, holly essence is used to heal and expand the heart chakra, and to alleviate anger and envy while generating acceptance.


Hollyhock Clears and connects all chakras in all the bodies: etheric, astral, physical, spiritual, mental. It allows one’s life path to blossom and unfold as it was intended. Very healing to all physical issues, including chronic disease and allergies.


Honeysuckle works on the physical to heal cancers and immune disorders. It repairs RNA and DNA and helps transistion the body into a LIGHT-body, a crystalline form.

Honeysuckle, Northern Bush

Northern Bush Honeysuckle heals RNA and DNA just as all honeysuckle do, while realigning mass consciousness with the earth and all new, higher energies on this physical plane of existence. It allows for full ascension progression and pulls in the help and healing powers of all the angels and nature devas.


Hosta brings deep wisdom from the divine. It connects you to higher sources of knowledge, and accesses many “records” including the Akashic and Atlantean. Brings aged wisdom to animals who act a bit “goofy” or “spacey.”


Life is sweet. It is a process, and hyacinth is here to help you accept all aspects of this process. Birth, life, death. Hyacinth helps you see the sweetness in all situations. It allows you to get past the drama, past the pain or frustration, and find the greater lesson in your current experience. You will see the lesson, and move past it, into the light and the beauty of your next experience, your next lesson.

Hydrangea, Indigo

These hydrangeas were given to us at a wedding party, beautifully potted in groups of three on each table. All three on our table came home with us, and bloom violently radiant on our property each year in natural hues of indigo and violet. They are, quite simply, the most stunningly colored hydrangeas that we have ever seen in our county, where most plants are a pale light blue. Say our plants “Speak to us. Give us your worries, your fears. Let us transmute them. Let us soothe you. You simply need to reconnect to your highest good, your highest self, your most natural and beneficial state of being. Let us repaint your aura with the vibrant tones of light that are most natural to you. Let us help you reconnect with your spiritual birthright. Insecure? We can help. Bullied? Fearful? Shy? We are here for you.”

Hydrangea, Pink

This hydrangea sits right next to our Indigo Hydrangea, yet blooms in an entirely different hue, a sweet pink that lightens the heart. It came with the property, growing sparsely in a shady corner, and when we received the others we placed them all on a back interspersed with lilacs in part-sun. Says our pink hydrangea “We all, the hydrangeas, lighten the heart. We are all loving, giving energies that re-light the aura and re-ignite soul connections. When we are pink, as I am, we tend to direct more of our love and healing to your heart center, as opposed to our blue and violet friends who focus more on the state of your mind. We look after matters of the heart. Let us heal you. Let us connect you to love, to pure source energy, that which so many of you call Christ Consciousness. We are here for you.”

Jewelweed, Orange

Orange Jewelweed releases guilt and blame. It travels with Poison Ivy for this very reason: for poison ivy grows to remind us of the dangers of violence against other living beings, jewelweed is here to help us aleviate any deep-seated guilt or anger we may feel from violent events, whether from this lifetime or another. Expect great shifts in consciousness when you use this remedy!

Joseph’s Coat Climbing Rose

Joseph’s Coat Climbing Rose connects you with the divine, and allows you shift your consciousness more easily. It aids in transitions of all kinds, and helps you allow miracles into your life. It is a major energizer physically, facilitating the healing process.

Lady’s Mantle

Use Lady’s Mantle Flower Essence when you have difficulty calming your sympathetic nervous system, whether from shock, electrical interference or emotional trauma. It helps when you are feeling anxious, hyperactive, or have high blood pressure, calming the heart and spirit. It softens protection around the physical heart to allow healing energy into your heart chakra and emotional body. She helps regulate the female sexual organs and offers nurturing compassion to all so that we may align with our higher selves. Lady’s mantle also helps regulate the action of water in and upon our physical body.

Wild Lavender Bee-Balm

Wild Lavender Bee-Balm relaxes the soul and allows one to let go of the stress of everyday life. It encourages “being in the moment,” fostering patience and peacefulness. Great for overactive or nervous animals/people.


Magnolia brings together male and female archetypes, in particular the emperor and empress, the mother and the father. Magnolia is regal, enduring. Use magnolia when you need to be heard, when you want to be taken more seriously. It lends an aura of authority and assurance to those who work with it, and helps you to work with the system, rather than against it, to achieve your heart’s desire.

Miniature Red Rose

Miniature Red Rose helps you see the big picture. It brings a love of all things to your heart, and expands your heart chakra. It is pure love. Brings love to those in need.

Mountain Laurel

Mountain Laurel blocks geopathic stress and encourages resilience. It is the essence to use during epidemics and disasters to heal the heart and strengthen the psychic shield. It brings in the protection of the angels. Anytime one is in a new situation and needs a little boost of confidence, this a good essence to use. Wonderful for children or animals suffering from separation anxiety or feeling bullied others.


Mullein opens one to channeling and facilitates better communication with one’s greater self and the Divine. It clears away mental debris and silences inner chatter so that one can “hear” the big picture. Healing for ear problems.

Partidge Pea

This is a very special essence which combines the natural benefits of Partridge Pea with the empowered earth and ley line energy from Storm King Park. The energies at Storm King have been enhanced by the man-made sculptures that adorn it, that celebrate it. Partridge Pea from Storm King asked to be made into an essence to show that it is possible to be both sensitive and strong, open and protected at the same time. This is an essence that widens the corridors of communication between Nature and Man, devas and reason. Trying to see fairies or plan a new garden in harmony with nature? Looking to become more at peace with the Earth? Partidge Pea is the essence for you.

Petunia, Magenta

“We, the Magenta Petunias, are a most unusual color and energy among the plants. We hold incredible vitality. We are fire and water blended most harmniously. We are here to boost your ability to perform when you feel constrained, to do everything you are wanting no matter the odds. Do you feel like your life, your work, your situation “stinks”? Use us to work within the establishment, shift your reality, allow the world to see and rejoice in your full vitality and power. Use us and see how wonderful life can be with just a few small, simple shifts. Be FULL-filled. Be blessed.”

Red Rose Climbing

Red Rose Climbing is for manifestation and creation. It helps with the ascension process and to bring abundance on all levels into one’s life. It reaches into the future to manifest your desires quickly and potently. Heals by blessing one with the Holy Spirit.

Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon connects you to Christ energy. The joy contained in this flower is ever blossoming, never fading. It lifts you up in times of sadness and reminds you of the Oneness of all things. Clears guilt and anger, restores purity of heart. Good for both the abused and the abuser.

Siberian Squill

Be easy. Be calm. Release your anger. Siberian Squill helps you transmute anger into joy. It releases emotional hangups that have been stored in your body and are affecting your liver, spleen and pancreas. It helps you communicate and let go of the pain and resentment. Squill sets you free from your inhibitions and self-impose obstacles, so that you can move forward with a sense of joy and freedom.

Squash Blossom

Squash Blossom frees you. It expands your creative potential by raising your vibration and pumping up your aura, larger larger largest. It gives you the strength to be yourself. Wonderfully healing for the shy and scared.

Strawberry Candy Daylily

Strawberry Candy Daylily reminds you to delight in everyday, ordinary moments. It heals reproductive organs and traumas, and also re-creates familial bonds in a more positive way.


Tamarack will toughen you up. It helps to strengthen the whole body and tone your mental faculties so you can do what you need to do. It helps you align with the new earth energies and balance the any excess kinetic energy in the physical body. Use it to combat geopathic stress and target a weak spleen or liver, or to help boost confidence and overall stamina.

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily shows that there is wisdom in folly, strength in laughter, truth in joy. It helps one let go of disapproval and feelings of inadequacy, and reminds us that we are all unique and necessary in the grand design, the Divine Tapestry of Life. Also good for digestive issues, and alpha animals that are too tough or dominant.

Heritage Plum Tomato

“The fruit which we bear nourishes you, so many of you, but so few take the time to notice or appreciate our little flowers. Thank you. Thank you! We are happiness, we are clarity. We would share it with you. The health of our fruits is debated and praised by many, but what you need to see is that they are healthful only when you appreciate the entire plant, the entire process that created us. So it is with all plants that create food. If you see only the result, and do not appreciate the entire energy of the plant, you are missing so much! So we have come to you as a flower essence to help you connect to this process, to the energies of tomatoes especially, but also ALL food plants, so that you may better assimilate nutrients and benefit your health with ever bot you eat. Our essence will make you more naturally appreciative and blessing of all your food. So be it.”

Weeping Wiegela

Weeping Wiegela from a rare second flowering is a special flower that allows you to try again and succeed. It shows you that it is never to late to bloom, and that karma and genetic lineages can be cleared and as if they never existed. You are the creator of your reality, anything is possible. Benefits genetic and “incurable” diseases, also depression.

White Shasta Daisy

White Shasta Daisy bring out the wild, childlike joy in you. It creates good bonds with children, for then you can see how they see. It restores innocence and purity. Helpful for childhood illnesses and traumas, as well as for aging.


Wood-Sorrel clears debris from your past and your present path so that you can see you way clearly. It returns you to a state of child-like perfection and anticipation. Particularly good for abuse and neglect victims, so that they can become happy, self-empowered fulfilled individuals.

Yellow Coreopsis

Yellow Coreopsis is Joy and Laughter, and alleviates stress and worry. It also works with the digestive and urinary systems, and is very good for nerve or stress disorders.

Yucca, Adam’s Needle

Yucca Filamentosa, or Adam’s Needle, is a perennial hardy yucca that grows wild and joyfully free on the Earth Lodge properties. Yucca encourages you to reach for your inner heights of being, to easily become the best that you can be, spiritually and emotionally. Yucca will help you dispel anger and stress by illuminating your safety of being at its very core. Nothing can harm you. You are invulnerable, safe, and inviolable.