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A Flower Essence to Heal the Hate – Gladiolus Belle de Nuit

Gladiolus, Belle de Nuit

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This essence helps excavate and resolve dark emotions from the depths of our being. Hate. Anger. Like a detective, it follows the trail to the beginning — the kernels of separation, sadness, grief and abandonment that can lead to toxicity. It tunnels down before traveling back up, gently aligning the chakras and cutting cords in our aura which may be draining our overall sense of well-being. The work is slow, but kind – a soft touch, just like its velvet petals. A good essence for trauma victims, addicts and anyone recovering from toxic relationships or situations, whether it was family or a cult. Belle de Nuit helps us find beauty in the dark night of the soul, glean what lessons we needed to receive, and lift us up into the gentle light of dawn. A new beginning.

Earth Lodge Introduces Five New Crystal Elixirs

These new essences are sure to help you stay grounded and relaxed while raising your vibration.


“We hold the mysteries. We hold the energies of the unfathomable and the potentials of the void. We are that which animates, that which glows. Hold us, and feel yourself re-align with the energy of Source. Use us to heal your gridwork, to rework your DNA, to channel your energies in more positive ways.
Apatite is said to enhance one’s insight, learning abilities and imagination, and to give increased self-confidence. It also is said to help achieve deeper states of meditation, and helps to restore clear thoughts. It creates a willingness to let go of useless aspects of life, people and objects. Continued use of apatite is told to produce a spiritual state of unconditional love, thus it is related to service and to humanitarian pursuits.


“Charoite reaches a place of deep magic within you, and calls it forth. It aligns your self here, your manifestation in the physical world of the Earth-sphere, with all the creative capabilities of your true soul. It allows you to begin creating what you call magic, or miracles, here in the Earth-Sphere. It makes it easier for you to call forth your intention and mingle it with true power. You will feel calmer, yet bolder and more fulfilled, when charoite begins to speak to you.”
Charoite is believed to hold great transformative powers, helping transmute negative energy and raise the vibration of those who work with it. Because of its black and white inclusions, it connects us more easily both to Earth and Spirit.   It has a calming, strengthening nature, encouraging feelings of safety and courage so that one can move forward in any situation. It is a very helpful stone to use during times of transition or turmoil. It is wonderful for children who are afraid of the dark, suffer from nightmares or simply resist going to sleep. It can also be helpful with ADD, increasing powers of concentration and memory. Charoite is used to benefit the nervous system, eyes, head and ears. It is also believed to help shield the body from radiation. It can boost detoxification processes and aid addiction rehabilitation.


Chlorite is very positive and powerful and most favorable for healing.  It is a purifier and a cleanser for the aura, chakras and meridians.  Chlorite is used to counteract hostility, anger and exasperation by dissipating the energy. It is helpful in eliminating toxins and miasms from the body – drink lots of water when you use this crystal to support your detoxification process! Because of these properties it may help one to lose weight and to stimulate the production of beneficial bacteria in the body. Metaphysically chlorite can assist one is connecting with the angelic realm and to open the crown charka to healing energies from the spirit realm. Used at the heart chakra chlorite will cleanse, protect and connect you with love.


“Lepidolite flows directly with Source. See our sparkles? That is a physical representation of source. Wherever there is sparkle, you are invoking source love, source light, source creation. Lepidolote helps you tap in directly to the angels, god and the ascended masters. It connects you to all that is divine, all that is true, all that is you. It balances your chakras and enacts your ability to walk as a god upon the earth. Claim your birthright. Be divine.”
Lepidolite clears away negative energies and raises your vibration. It helps soothe the mind and body by connecting you with Source energy and Source love. Many people find it helpful to use during meditation and astral travel, because it is so adept at connecting us to our higher self. It can also be used to access the Akashic records or facilitate channeling. Use it to clear obstacles and create a new life.
Physically, it is believed to help detoxify the body and heal DNA. It may be used to clear electromagnetic disturbances and calm the energy in a room. Because of its soothing effect, it is often recommended in cases of psychiatric imbalance or nerve disorders. It is also said to strengthen the immune system and help with allergies.


 “Selenite was placed on earth by the angels. It has been used by mankind for millennia to clear the burdens of physical being, to realign the spiritual being at the center of your body and to raise your vibration. It facilitates astral projection and allows the physical body to transcend your current earthly realm to reach higher dimension.” 
Selenite will cut cords and remove energy drains. It is a very calming and soothing energy. It helps us to connect the physical and etheric or ‘light’ bodies. Selenite is associated with the crown chakra and is used to decrease epilepsy and seizure disorders. It has been used by Healers to align the spine and is thought to be good for the skeleton and spine.

NEW! Two Flower Essences & A Crystal Elixir


We are here for the children, especially the abused and the neglected. We bring joy and security, and remind all beings that it is okay to play. Okay to laugh. Okay to reach for joy. Sometimes (maybe always) play is the most important thing — not work. Lift your head to the sun, and bring that joy into your being, ground your happiness in the physical realm and laugh from your belly, jump and dance and remember that YOU deserve to be happy. Physically, we help the body feel safe so that it may heal from all trauma and wounds, old and new, and release the hold of sorrow upon the musculoskeletal system.


“We help you discern what it is you should really be caring about, so that you can know where your true soul passions reside. If you are one of those who often lies to yourself or rationalizes things too much, or cannot make decsions, we will help you. If you are feeling unloved or unfulfilled, we will show you what shifts in your being or surrounding will most benefit you. We shimmer and attract all the light of your soul, and shine it directly upon that which is truly most pleasing to you. No need to search for direction – we will show you the way.”

Rhodonite is a magnesium inosilicate, a chain silicate whose chains repeat five times in tetrahedral form. This is significant, because the tretrahedron (the four sided pyramid) is first of all sacred geometry shapes. The structure of rhodonite is such that it is always harmonizing the physical plane around it, birthing a balanced reality. The number five, of course, signifies the unity of the five elements: earth, air, fire, water and spirit. Rhodonite literally creates a prayer string of manifestational energy connecting vision and accomplishment on all five levels to create massive shifts in the physical plane. Naturally, rhodonite boosts self-confidence and courage, so we are able to find our way.

This beautiful pink stone carries its name from the Greek word for “rosy” (rhodos) and connects us to the divine loving energies of the pink ray: Kuan Yin, Ma’at, Archangel Chamuel, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary. Considered by many to be a fabulous aid for relationships and matters of the heart, rhodonite can be helpful in strengthening and opening the heart chakra with pure source love. It is a fiery stone, full of passion and excitement, and it tends to invoke the same emotions in those who work with it while allowing one to overcome patterns of pain. Rhodonite is a heart-healing stone, good for cementing worthy relationships and easing the process of forgiveness.

Also connected with the root chakra, rhodonite helps strengthen the flow of energy through the entire body, healing muscles and detoxing organs. If you have circulatory, swelling or inflammatory issues, rhodonite may be quite helpful.


Sunflower helps you find inner reserves of strength and compassion within your being when you need them most. It helps boost confidence and allows one to overcome stage-fright and fears of public speaking. This is an ideal essence for teachers, because it helps one stand tall yet remain humble and open. Sunflower can also help us find the positive qualities of any situation and release fear and anger by harmonizing the third chakra at the solar plexus. Physically, sunflower may help bones and posture, especially through the ankles, hips and spine as it works with the central pole.

Spring is just about here and the plants are singing

Snow keeps coming, but you can’t stop the procession of seasons! Spring is forcing its way through the door, and the plants are excited. So excited, in fact, they’ve been begging us to make a few new flower essences.

We’ve got some stunning Pink Floyd Roses, the most recent petals off our ever-blooming Pink Geranium (yes, it goes ALL winter!!) and the early buds off an indomitable Meyer Lemon tree.

Lemon, Meyer

Indomitable. A force to be reckoned with, yet unfailingly sweet. Meyer Lemon is bold yet loving, strong yet giving. Try this essence when your defenses need bolstering, when you need to be reminded of how to be fun and light and sweet but you also want to be strong and maintain your boundaries. It allows you to feel safe, so that you can relax into yourself and approach whatever comes your way with ease and a light manner, always focusing on what really matters: the heart.

Rose,  Pink Floyd

“I am audacious, a loud voice ringing with the purity of love. Use me to uncover the darkest secrets and hidden depths of pain in your heart, so that we can transform them together. “Bring out your dead” and let me breathe new life into the cold, dank places they used to reside, while we transmute your darkest feelings into the light.”

Geranium, Hot Pink (Winter Blooming Pelargonium)

The fun  never stops! Breathe fresh life into your tired bones with Hot Pink Geranium, Winter Blooming. Remind your cells that life is GOOD, an amazing, everlasting, filled-with-surprises, never boring GAME. Your soul knows it, and enjoys every minute, no matter how you’ve judged it. Remember that life is meant to be fun, all the ups, and all the downs. This essence helps  you be more comfortable in the physical realm and bring pure enjoyment back to your life.