Woodland Wonders – Trout Lily, Painted Trillium, and Lily of the Valley Flower Essences make their debut

This weekend we hiked deep into the mountain forests in search of three very special essences. We talked to the trees. We communed with the local elementals. And then, we found them. Painted Trillium called to us more loudly than her sisters of deep purple and pure unadorned white. Yellow Trout Lily nodded, giggled and bowed while Lily of the Valley sang us a quiet song. We thanked them all for their offerings and then we made our essences in two stages: first, under a hot northern sun; second, to the booms and gale force winds of spring thunderclouds of turquoise and grey. Great power, and great healing.

Trillium, Painted

Painted Trillium dissolves obstinance and stubborn behaviors. Trillium, especially painted trillium, effortlessly balances the male and female energies within the etheric blueprint, allowing us to work with akash and the merkaba more easily. Physically, it clears deep karmic infections and supports the production of vigorous white blood cells.

Trout Lily, Yellow

Weather any storm with our Yellow Trout Lily essence. Just a few drops will balance the 2nd, 3rd and 4th chakras while facilitating a deep cleanse of fear-based distortions. Physically, try Trout Lily to calm nervous stomaches and digestive disorders.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley helps us go deeper with a wider view — grasp the bigger picture on all levels, while you uncover buried emotions and gather focus to do what you need to do. Lily of the Valley helps us understand both the details and the whole, so we can work well with others and foster a better community.