Environmental Essences

Environmental Essences are energetics that capture the vibration of something in the space-time continuum, such as holy place, astrological alignment, element or weather pattern. These kinds of essences can help you tap into the energy of a full moon year round, the epic release of a hurricane, or simply make you more comfortable in the physical body by balancing an element. Like our other essences, these come in green or blue 15ml glass stock bottles with droppers. Powerful on their own, they also work harmoniously with our custom blends to help amp up whatever essences you are choosing.

Gorgeous Gorges – A Water Essence

Combining the vibrations from several powerful gorges, this essence helps wash away pain and heavy emotions, replacing them with joy and an “I Can and I Am” attitude. Experience a rebirth as you relax into your own power, reset your vibration and connect with the peaceful assurance of Source and the I AM. Blessed by the Dragonfly Deva, deliverer of happiness and light.

Lions G8 – Light the Fire

Made over a three day period during the Earth’s alignment with the Lion’s Gate Portal and energetically infused by several passing lightning storms. Lion’s Gate connects us to the starseed energy of Sirius and the fiery, creative numeric power of “8” – manifestation, prosperity, and all our limitless, infinite potential. Access the gate with a mighty ROAR and open yourself to unconditional love. Be courageous. Be strong. Be yourself and get ready to bring your wildest dreams into reality.

Lovers Moon

Use the purifying energies of fire and air to let go of everything holding you back emotionally. Made under the light of a full supermoon, while creative, cool headed Aquarius encouraged Venus and the Sun to conjoin and burn away old programs, this essence will help you release old relationship karma and patterns. Think about the love you want, the family you want, the emotional release you want, and the Hot Wind Moon will bring it to you — fullness of passion, ease of heart, joy of laughter. You can have it all, you simply need to reconnect to your original divine blueprint. Source is love and laughter, and you ARE source. This essence can also bring on a cellular detox, if that is where you are holding your emotions. Start slow, a few drops a day, and let the beauty unfold. Like the sturgeon, once you are clear, you will be able to follow your soul and find your home, your heart, your love.

Storm Bringer – An Air Essence

This is the steady breeze that precedes the storm, the wind that delivers transformation and cleansing. Harness that anticipatory feeling you get before a storm arrives, the wind of change. If your mind has been slow or you’ve been feeling apathetic or tired, use this air essence to pump up your air element and bring in fresh excitement and ideas. If you know a big change is coming in your life, this essence can help align you with the process so that things go more smoothly. And, if nothing is changing, if you’ve been in a rut for too long and your ready for something new, use Storm Bringer to sharpen your focus and prime you for something new. Crow is the power animal associated with this essence, its call will guide you and let you know when synchronicities are in the air.


Thunderfalls is the overlighting angel at an ancient waterfall long known as a power spot and gathering place. Thunderfalls works with humans to restore the spirit and heal the mind. If you are scared or overwhelmed, Thunderfalls will help lift you up and give you courage. Do you love the feeling you get at the ocean or a huge waterfall, the rush you receive from absorbing millions of negative ions? Thunderfalls carries that same energy.

Thunder Moon

Have you ever seen a medicine woman reset her vibration with a single clap? Use our Thunder Moon essence to help get back to your roots and do what makes you happy. Made during a Full Moon in Capricorn, Mercury Retrograde, and a Partial Eclipse, this essence helps you end old patterns in a calmly and methodically. Thunder Moon helps you balance work and play so you can be more emotionally satisfied at home and on the job. If you have old projects that need finishing or old issues you’d like to wrap up once and for all, this will help you get it done.