Flora Master List

Welcome to our full flower essence list, delivering the power of flowers in a 15ml stock bottle with dropper! Take our Flower Essences 2-15 drops at time, either directly in the mouth or added to a glass of water. They can be taken every 15 minutes to relieve acute stress, or once or twice a day for to instigate long-term change and healing. Single remedies cost $12 each. Essential Remedies, Custom combination bottles and crystal elixirs are also available in larger 30ml sizes.

Angelica Archangelica

Wild Angelica growing creekside, helping us move ecstatically with the flow of life. You have all the energy and potential of the great central sun within you, the creative vibrancy of a firework. Why do you hide the beauty of your feminine side, the manifestational divinity that you hold within? Nurture your vision and let it burst forth. Don’t worry about how the world will receive you, for you are already here and WE are waiting!

Artic Starflower

Feel like you are caught between two worlds, or two ways of thinking? Have a hard time making decisions? Artic Starflower will help ground you here in the physical so you can do more than just survive. This essence connects acts like a compass for soul paths, connecting you to all seven directions so you can easily navigate life on earth AND thrive!
Artic Starflower harmonizes the seven chakras of the body to sustain geopathic assaults, forging a more resiliant etheric body by aligning with the energies of the fae. It will also activate any high vibration starseed bloodlines. If you are sensitive to the energies coming in from solar flares or deep space, this will help you take everything in with grace. Do you sometimes feel powerless or misunderstood, like a small soul in a big world, or easily overlooked? Arctic Starflower will help you reclaim your true power.


Blueweed, aka Viper’s Bugloss, is a wonderful essence that helps us reconnect with the sweetness of life amid all the prickly distractions of the external world. Calm your central nervous system, attract the admirers and support you want, and reduce anxiety and irritation, on all levels — physical, mental, spiritual, emotional. Blueweed reminds us that life IS good, even if it doesn’t always feel that way. The devic energy here is very supportive and works with your guides and angels to increase daily support from the higher realms while opening your heart chakra and increasing the organizational flow between the throat and root chakras.


Bloodroot clears family karma and genetic distortions in the most gentle, clear way possible: by flooding the lightbody with the purest source energy. That which was dark, transforms into beauty. That which was bitter becomes sweet.


“We flow with life. We help you do the same. Find comfort in your surroundings. Be comfortable in your body, in your life. Increase your self-esteem and be confident in your abilities, desires and beliefs. Allergies? Skin conditions? Headaches? These are all symptoms of your emotional discomfort and vulnerability. We help you find solace in life, so that you can be physically at ease. There is nothing on this earth that seeks to harm you. You don’t need to defend your self so vigorously. Lower your guard and feel better on a day to day basis.”

Burr Cucumber

Our latest batch of Burr Cucumber is joyful and uplifting. It balances the five elements in your body and allows you to transmute negative energies without taxing the nervous system. Soothing and optimizing the pituatary energy center, Burr Cucumber helps shield our emotional field from external forces and counteract influences that emanate from solar and star-based activities (radiation, gamma waves, etc) . It is a light, airy essence that brings in helpful fae elements and encourages feelings of play and ease.

Cactus, Christmas

Christmas cactus helps us discern which patterns are worth repeating. It helps us break out of systems of self-destruction and patterns of low vibration. It helps us to recognize both the light in ourselves, and in others, so that we can release habits of judgment and doubt.

Cactus, Teddy Bear Cholla

Teddy Bear Cholla is a sweet essence that helps us tap into our inner reserves. In our modern world, we are told that we need so much to survive and be happy: but this is not so. All we need is a little but of nourishment, and a lot of light. Teddy Bear Cholla helps us cut excess from our life so that we can focus on the only thing that really matters: reaching for joy. If you think your life is off-track or you’re worried that things aren’t progressing as they should be, try some of our Cholla essence — it will help steer you in the right direction and show you all the blessings you already have.


Cherry blossom helps us process and release grief, healing our deepest emotional wounds and the memories of physical violence and trauma. Balances masculine and feminine energies. Allows you to reach for joy and happiness within the moment, regardless of what storms may be passing through.


Chicory is a creative, nurturing essence. Sometimes we care too much, put too  much of ourselves into our work and our relationships. When things don’t go our way or people express themselves independently, we might feel used, abandoned or betrayed. In reality, we are the only ones who can truly nurture ourselves. All love must come from within. We can only support that process in others, but we can n ot be the source of their light, nor they ours. Chicory helps us become more self-reliant, more independantly bright and satisfied. It helps us stregnthen our own grounding system so that we can truly reveal our beauty and creativity to the world. It helps us break out of patterns of over-thinking and creative blocks.

Clover, aka White Dutch or Ground Clover

Ground Clover helps us dismantle manifestations of fear within the community, improving group relations and work dynamics. It encourages peace and unification of vision, while healing old traumas within the collective consciousness.


When you are trying to keep your head up and your courage strong, coltsfoot is a powerful ally. Facilitate kundalini fire and allow youself to take a deep breath — coltsfoot will help you get where your higher mind wants you to be, where your soul speaks to the sun and the stars. Coltsfoot is one of the first flowers to emerge in spring, looking rather like a leafless dandelion on a tall, reinforced stalk. The flowers bloom first, the giant hoof-like leaves emerging weeks later after the flowers have gone to seed. It can be really difficult to take that first, second, third step, but coltsfoot never acknowledges fear. It helps you blast past self-doubt and merge with a better, sunnier reality, as it encourages your kundalini to rise and greet the golden light of the great central sun. Physically, coltsfoot essence benefits the solar plexus, diaphragm, and heart chakras, as well as the central nervous system and spine. It is a hardy plant that flourishes even along salty roadsides, teaching us to bloom where we are planted and overcome even the most difficult situations.


Crabapple boosts are ability to survive here in the physical realm of Earth, increasing our adaptability and overall hardiness. Connects us to the bird tribes, particularly the messengers and sentries.  Crabapple shows us the wonder of this game of life and allows us to release, forgive and let go — especially when it comes to ourselves.


“We are the first. The bravest. The most daring. We take all the energy that has been stored in the earth and use it to burst out of the darkness of winter before all others, to bloom brightest when no one else will dare. Work with us to grow stronger and braver, to face adversity head on with fearless resolution. Release your sadness, your grief and loss and open to the season of renewal.”

Crown Vetch

Crown vetch is an amazing flower of ascension. Like the lotus, it thrives and rises out of the muck — in this case, transmuting environmental toxins and pollution. Crown vetch helps our bodies do the same so that we can naturally rise in vibration and transistion into a better lifestyle without having to even think about it. Small changes will simply begin to happen in your life so that everything comes together more naturally, more healthfully, more high-vibrationally. Crown vetch reminds us that the tiniest shifts can be the most powerful, cascading and coalescing into a wave of beauty and perfection.


Daffodil creates a protective shield around the body. Feeling uneasy, worried or distressed? Try Daffodil. It is both reassuring and expansive, creating a brighter outlook in life along with feelings of safety and security. Physically, daffodil benefits digestive disorders and reflux. It optimize sthe assimilation of both nutrients and ideas.

Mini Daffodil

We are here for the children, especially the abused and the neglected. We bring joy and security, and remind all beings that it is okay to play. Okay to laugh. Okay to reach for joy. Sometimes (maybe always) play is the most important thing — not work. Lift your head to the sun, and bring that joy into your being, ground your happiness in the physical realm and laugh from your belly, jump and dance and remember that YOU deserve to be happy. Physically, we help the body feel safe so that it may heal from all trauma and wounds, old and new, and release the hold of sorrow upon the musculoskeletal system.


Forsythia imbues the body and soul with direct solar energy, awakening divine energy within the body for cleansing and recalibration. Re-tune your vibration to connect more easily with your higher self and the divine.

Geranium, Hot Pink (Winter Blooming Pelargonium)

The fun  never stops! Breathe fresh life into your tired bones with Hot Pink Geranium, Winter Blooming. Remind your cells that life is GOOD, an amazing, everlasting, filled-with-surprises, never boring GAME. Your soul knows it, and enjoys every minute, no matter how you’ve judged it. Remember that life is meant to be fun, all the ups, and all the downs. This essence helps  you be more comfortable in the physical realm and bring pure enjoyment back to your life.

Gladiolus, Belle de Nuit

This essence helps excavate and resolve dark emotions from the depths of our being. Hate. Anger. Like a detective, it follows the trail to the beginning — the kernels of separation, sadness, grief and abandonment that can lead to toxicity. It tunnels down before traveling back up, gently aligning the chakras and cutting cords in our aura which may be draining our overall sense of well-being. The work is slow, but kind – a soft touch, just like its velvet petals. A good essence for trauma victims, addicts and anyone recovering from toxic relationships or situations, whether it was family or a cult. Belle de Nuit helps us find beauty in the dark night of the soul, glean what lessons we needed to receive, and lift us up into the gentle light of dawn. A new beginning.

Gladiolus Priscilla

Another flower essence to work with the high heart chakra, Gladiolus Priscilla draws love upwards into our consciousness where it can influence our thoughts, words, and deeds. When you are looking to express yourself in a more loving way or to view the world through a more positive lens, this is a good essence to work with. Lots of harsh words and conflict in the home? Add a few drops of Gladiolus Priscilla to your diffuser or room spray and watch the family dynamic shift. Gladiolus Priscilla knows that kindness begins with inner peace and self love — something we all harbor deep at our core, even if its hiding between years of pain or trauma. It’s something our inner child remembers, even if our older selves have forgotten. Love, light, peace. Wash, rinse, repeat. Cleanse your thoughts and lift your heart and remember: peace begins with you.


Hollyhock Clears and connects all chakras in all the bodies: etheric, astral, physical, spiritual, mental. It allows one’s life path to blossom and unfold as it was intended. Very healing to all physical issues, including chronic disease and allergies.


Honeysuckle works on the physical to heal cancers and immune disorders. It repairs RNA and DNA and helps transistion the body into a LIGHT-body, a crystalline form.


Life is sweet. It is a process, and hyacinth is here to help you accept all aspects of this process. Birth, life, death. Hyacinth helps you see the sweetness in all situations. It allows you to get past the drama, past the pain or frustration, and find the greater lesson in your current experience. You will see the lesson, and move past it, into the light and the beauty of your next experience, your next lesson.

Hydrangea, Pink

This hydrangea sits right next to our Indigo Hydrangea, yet blooms in an entirely different hue, a sweet pink that lightens the heart. It came with the property, growing sparsely in a shady corner, and when we received the others we placed them all on a back interspersed with lilacs in part-sun. Says our pink hydrangea “We all, the hydrangeas, lighten the heart. We are all loving, giving energies that re-light the aura and re-ignite soul connections. When we are pink, as I am, we tend to direct more of our love and healing to your heart center, as opposed to our blue and violet friends who focus more on the state of your mind. We look after matters of the heart. Let us heal you. Let us connect you to love, to pure source energy, that which so many of you call Christ Consciousness. We are here for you.”

Joe Pye Weed

Sweet Joe-Pye Weed, also known as Hemp Agrimony and Gravel Root, activates the thymus gland chakra, an energy center all about directing your visions with sweetness for the highest good. Opening the higher heart chakra, this essence helps us shift easily into a life that helps others while lifting ourselves, unleashing the full beauty of our soul on the world. If you have been lonely or isolated, this will help you understand that you are never truly alone. Love surrounds you. Life surrounds you. There is beauty in solitude, the quiet still space where you can connect to your soul and rise above ego. Here, we can remember who we truly are — and then return with the knowledge to awaken our cells, to stay healthier, happier, younger in body and spirit.

Lemon, Meyer

Indomitable. A force to be reckoned with, yet unfailingly sweet. Meyer Lemon is bold yet loving, strong yet giving. Try this essence when your defenses need bolstering, when you need to be reminded of how to be fun and light and sweet but you also want to be strong and maintain your boundaries. It allows you to feel safe, so that you can relax into yourself and approach whatever comes your way with ease and a light manner, always focusing on what really matters: the heart.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley helps us go deeper with a wider view — grasp the bigger picture on all levels, while you uncover buried emotions and gather focus to do what you need to do. Lily of the Valley helps us understand both the details and the whole, so we can work well with others and foster a better community.


Magnolia brings together male and female archetypes, in particular the emperor and empress, the mother and the father. Magnolia is regal, enduring. Use magnolia when you need to be heard, when you want to be taken more seriously. It lends an aura of authority and assurance to those who work with it, and helps you to work with the system, rather than against it, to achieve your heart’s desire.

Sugar Maple

Made from a vigorous, mature tree, our sugar maple stimulates. Have you been feeling tired, apathetic, lazy? This Acer fills your reserves so you are charged up and ready to go! It will spur you into action, wake you from apathy and boredom with an itch to achieve, a renewed sense of vigor and desire to DO something.

Mountain Super Spruce (Pikea Rubens)

Plucked from a Red Spruce at 4000ft under the light of a full wintry Super Moon, this mountain-lover’s essence is just what you need to clear out old, carbon-based karma under a comforting cloak of protection. Ancient, wise, resilient with a hint of sass — these are the qualities of our Mountain Spruce essence. Want to up your vibration and face the craziness of the world with insurmountable calm and strength of mind? Want to clear your aura and shield your energies from external tampering? Looking for peace, joy, and the freedom to laugh? This is your essence. Stay young, stay strong, and evolve into your crystalline form.

Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris)

A preferred smudging plant throughout much of Europe and North America, Mugwort is known to us as “Dreaming Lady.” As a flower essence she helps banish our fears and bad dreams, and is a wonderful essence to use with children who are insecure, do not like to be alone, or have trouble sleeping. Too many entities disturbing your rest? Try a few drops of mugwort at night — you will be shielded by Mugworts nurturing, silvery lunar energy so that you may have pleasant dreams and sleep peacefully. Physically, it is considered a plant for balancing feminine energies and working with issues of sexuality and fertility.

Orchid, Miniature

Miniature Orchid helps us heal and restore our DNA to divine purity. It raises our overall vibration and is incredibly powerful, despite its smaller stature. Mini Orchid rides the waves of ascension high into the higher realms and dimensions, allowing us to communicate more deeply with our higher selves and angelic guides. It can also facilitate kundalini awakenings.

Orchid, Magenta

Peace. Calm. Divine Love. Magenta Orchid wraps you up in a hug from source, smooths all your edges and soothes those frayed nerves. It allows you to express yourself with authority and assurance — whether in creative endeavors, day to day conversation or the bedroom. Physically, it helps us enjoy our sexual side and be open to pleasure.


Pachysandra helps us to thrive during our darkest days, allowing our being to tunnel out towards the light. If you are doing deep shadow work, this is a very supportive essence. It secures our boundaries and helps shield us from threats, making us more resilient and able to thrive, even in the most adverse conditions. Physically, it can help stem the spread of disease at the root.


Be cool. Release your anger. Don’t react so much. In a world of ever-burgeoning technology and distraction, peppermint helps us stay focused and ignore distractions. Instead of relying on crutches to dull pain or sensation, peppermint helps us open up to the world around us in a comfortable way. A great essence for those suffering from chemical or sensory sensitivities. Physically, helpful to restore balance to the nervous system and hormones.

Pine, Eastern White

Eastern White Pine holds a special place in our heart and home. Every fall and spring, our guides remind us to drink the light, refreshing tea that can be made from the tree’s needles and twigs. As a tea, it is a powerful tonic and immune booster. As a flower essence? It has an entirely different purpose. This essences enhances all your senses. It opens you to sensual delight, increases auric sight and intuition, makes you revel in the lightness of being. At the same time, it quietly strengthens your aura and sheilds you from heavy vibrations and energy drains.

Queen Anne’s Lace (Daucus carota)

Queen Anne’s Lace has a unifying, restructuring energy. It brings groups together; it allows our soul pieces to regain cohesion. Use any time you are reintegrating soul pieces or doing soul retreival and past life work. Queen Anne is also very helpful when we are trying to pick up the pieces — after a divorce, a traumatic accident, or a confusing and sudden ending to any situation (including loss). A good study aid that helps one bring information together and maintain stability and calm. Fabulous for fostering teamwork. Physically, Queen Anne is cooling and soothing, especially when it comes to skin issues.


Quince brings us sweetness and shelter, making it one of the best essences to help overcome shyness. It allows us to form and maintain positive boundaries so that we can assert ourselves and pursue what we really want, rather than being a tumbleweed blowing through other people’s lives. It is a great choice for quiet children and anyone who has not been allowed to have their own voice.

Rose, Joseph’s Coat Climbing

Joseph’s Coat Climbing Rose connects you with the divine, and allows you shift your consciousness more easily. It aids in transitions of all kinds, and helps you allow miracles into your life. It is a major energizer physically, facilitating the healing process.

Rose, Miniature Pink

Miniature Pink Rose offers a supreme boost to your etheric shield. This is the area of your light body where dis-ease so often starts and implants take hold — Mini Pink offers to secure your shields and perform regular sweeps. Don’t underestimate her, for her love is fierce and pure.

Rose,  Pink Floyd

“I am audacious, a loud voice ringing with the purity of love. Use me to uncover the darkest secrets and hidden depths of pain in your heart, so that we can transform them together. “Bring out your dead” and let me breathe new life into the cold, dank places they used to reside, while we transmute your darkest feelings into the light.”

Siberian Squill

Be easy. Be calm. Release your anger. Siberian Squill helps you transmute anger into joy. It releases emotional hangups that have been stored in your body and are affecting your liver, spleen and pancreas. It helps you communicate and let go of the pain and resentment. Squill sets you free from your inhibitions and self-impose obstacles, so that you can move forward with a sense of joy and freedom.

Snowdrop, Wild

Wild Snowdrop (Galanthus Nivalis) gracefully prepares you for change, for any experience by completely leveling you up to wherever you need to be, right here, right now. With utter purity, total readiness, you’ll be able to face whatever comes your way. Don’t get a clean slate — BE a clean slate!!

Spindle Berry Autumn Essence

Spindle tree carries the essential warmth and vitality of the sun into the lower and upper chakras, warming the heart and stimulating the sacral chakra. Get comfortable with yourself, your creativity, and your place in the tribe with our spindle berry essence, lovingly made by the indirect method under the energizing aspects of an Aries moon and bright, clear sun. Linked in Druid lore to the mother of the furies, the spindle tree has ancient associations with inspiration and cleansing. Let go of the old and bless your new beginnings with the passion and fire of spindle berry while you weave your plans. Spindle berry has special four-fold balance, harmonizing the four elements and helping us shed old skin, old patterns, old karma.


Sunflower helps you find inner reserves of strength and compassion within your being when you need them most. It helps boost confidence and allows one to overcome stage-fright and fears of public speaking. This is an ideal essence for teachers, because it helps one stand tall yet remain humble and open. Sunflower can also help us find the positive qualities of any situation and release fear and anger by harmonizing the third chakra at the solar plexus. Physically, sunflower may help bones and posture, especially through the ankles, hips and spine as it works with the central pole.


Tamarack will toughen you up. It helps to strengthen the whole body and tone your mental faculties so you can do what you need to do. It helps you align with the new earth energies and balance the any excess kinetic energy in the physical body. Use it to combat geopathic stress and target a weak spleen or liver, or to help boost confidence and overall stamina.

Trillium, Painted

Painted Trillium dissolves obstinance and stubborn behaviors. Trillium, especially painted trillium, effortlessly balances the male and female energies within the etheric blueprint, allowing us to work with akash and the merkaba more easily. Physically, it clears deep karmic infections and supports the production of vigorous white blood cells.

Trout Lily, Yellow

Weather any storm with our Yellow Trout Lily essence. Just a few drops will balance the 2nd, 3rd and 4th chakras with the new activation of the diaphragm chakra center while facilitating a deep cleanse of fear-based distortions. Physically, try Trout Lily to calm nervous stomachs and digestive disorders.


Zinnia is an essence of INDOMITABLE JOY. Release your inner child, you pure source laughter, your mighty I AM presence of pleasure and joy. Nothing is wrong with your life — it is ALL a game of the most magnificent wonder and bounty and joy. Zinnia will help you find pleasure and satisfaction in every moment.