Garden Graces

Kitchen herbs and garden beauties — we think we know them, but they have so much more to offer! Get the full benefit of these heirloom friends using our 15ml stock bottle with dropper. Take our Flower Essences 2-15 drops at time, either directly in the mouth or added to a glass of water. They can be taken every 15 minutes to relieve acute stress, or once or twice a day for to instigate long-term change and healing. Single remedies cost $12.00 each, or $18.00 for our pre-formulated Essential Remedies. Custom combination bottles are also available, as well as crystal elixirs, and you can access our full list of flower essences here.



“We are the first. The bravest. The most daring. We take all the energy that has been stored in the earth and use it to burst out of the darkness of winter before all others, to bloom brightest when no one else will dare. Work with us to grow stronger and braver, to face adversity head on with fearless resolution. Release your sadness, your grief and loss and open to the season of renewal.”


Daffodil creates a protective shield around the body. Feeling uneasy, worried or distressed? Try Daffodil. It is both reassuring and expansive, creating a brighter outlook in life along with feelings of safety and security. Physically, daffodil benefits digestive disorders and reflux. It optimize sthe assimilation of both nutrients and ideas.

Mini Daffodil

We are here for the children, especially the abused and the neglected. We bring joy and security, and remind all beings that it is okay to play. Okay to laugh. Okay to reach for joy. Sometimes (maybe always) play is the most important thing — not work. Lift your head to the sun, and bring that joy into your being, ground your happiness in the physical realm and laugh from your belly, jump and dance and remember that YOU deserve to be happy. Physically, we help the body feel safe so that it may heal from all trauma and wounds, old and new, and release the hold of sorrow upon the musculoskeletal system.


Forsythia imbues the body and soul with direct solar energy, awakening divine energy within the body for cleansing and recalibration. Re-tune your vibration to connect more easily with your higher self and the divine.

Geranium, Hot Pink (Winter Blooming Pelargonium)

The fun  never stops! Breathe fresh life into your tired bones with Hot Pink Geranium, Winter Blooming. Remind your cells that life is GOOD, an amazing, everlasting, filled-with-surprises, never boring GAME. Your soul knows it, and enjoys every minute, no matter how you’ve judged it. Remember that life is meant to be fun, all the ups, and all the downs. This essence helps  you be more comfortable in the physical realm and bring pure enjoyment back to your life.

Gladiolus, Belle de Nuit

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This essence helps excavate and resolve dark emotions from the depths of our being. Hate. Anger. Like a detective, it follows the trail to the beginning — the kernels of separation, sadness, grief and abandonment that can lead to toxicity. It tunnels down before traveling back up, gently aligning the chakras and cutting cords in our aura which may be draining our overall sense of well-being. The work is slow, but kind – a soft touch, just like its velvet petals. A good essence for trauma victims, addicts and anyone recovering from toxic relationships or situations, whether it was family or a cult. Belle de Nuit helps us find beauty in the dark night of the soul, glean what lessons we needed to receive, and lift us up into the gentle light of dawn. A new beginning.

Gladiolus Priscilla

Another flower essence to work with the high heart chakra, Gladiolus Priscilla draws love upwards into our consciousness where it can influence our thoughts, words, and deeds. When you are looking to express yourself in a more loving way or to view the world through a more positive lens, this is a good essence to work with. Lots of harsh words and conflict in the home? Add a few drops of Gladiolus Priscilla to your diffuser or room spray and watch the family dynamic shift. Gladiolus Priscilla knows that kindness begins with inner peace and self love — something we all harbor deep at our core, even if its hiding between years of pain or trauma. It’s something our inner child remembers, even if our older selves have forgotten. Love, light, peace. Wash, rinse, repeat. Cleanse your thoughts and lift your heart and remember: peace begins with you.


Hollyhock Clears and connects all chakras in all the bodies: etheric, astral, physical, spiritual, mental. It allows one’s life path to blossom and unfold as it was intended. Very healing to all physical issues, including chronic disease and allergies.


Life is sweet. It is a process, and hyacinth is here to help you accept all aspects of this process. Birth, life, death. Hyacinth helps you see the sweetness in all situations. It allows you to get past the drama, past the pain or frustration, and find the greater lesson in your current experience. You will see the lesson, and move past it, into the light and the beauty of your next experience, your next lesson.

Hydrangea, Pink

This hydrangea sits right next to our Indigo Hydrangea, yet blooms in an entirely different hue, a sweet pink that lightens the heart. It came with the property, growing sparsely in a shady corner, and when we received the others we placed them all on a back interspersed with lilacs in part-sun. Says our pink hydrangea “We all, the hydrangeas, lighten the heart. We are all loving, giving energies that re-light the aura and re-ignite soul connections. When we are pink, as I am, we tend to direct more of our love and healing to your heart center, as opposed to our blue and violet friends who focus more on the state of your mind. We look after matters of the heart. Let us heal you. Let us connect you to love, to pure source energy, that which so many of you call Christ Consciousness. We are here for you.”


Magnolia brings together male and female archetypes, in particular the emperor and empress, the mother and the father. Magnolia is regal, enduring. Use magnolia when you need to be heard, when you want to be taken more seriously. It lends an aura of authority and assurance to those who work with it, and helps you to work with the system, rather than against it, to achieve your heart’s desire.


Pachysandra helps us to thrive during our darkest days, allowing our being to tunnel out towards the light. If you are doing deep shadow work, this is a very supportive essence. It secures our boundaries and helps shield us from threats, making us more resilient and able to thrive, even in the most adverse conditions. Physically, it can help stem the spread of disease at the root.

Rose, Joseph’s Coat Climbing

Joseph’s Coat Climbing Rose connects you with the divine, and allows you shift your consciousness more easily. It aids in transitions of all kinds, and helps you allow miracles into your life. It is a major energizer physically, facilitating the healing process.

Rose, Miniature Pink

Miniature Pink Rose offers a supreme boost to your etheric shield. This is the area of your light body where dis-ease so often starts and implants take hold — Mini Pink offers to secure your shields and perform regular sweeps. Don’t underestimate her, for her love is fierce and pure.

Rose,  Pink Floyd

“I am audacious, a loud voice ringing with the purity of love. Use me to uncover the darkest secrets and hidden depths of pain in your heart, so that we can transform them together. “Bring out your dead” and let me breathe new life into the cold, dank places they used to reside, while we transmute your darkest feelings into the light.”



Zinnia is an essence of INDOMITABLE JOY. Release your inner child, you pure source laughter, your mighty I AM presence of pleasure and joy. Nothing is wrong with your life — it is ALL a game of the most magnificent wonder and bounty and joy. Zinnia will help you find pleasure and satisfaction in every moment.