Meadow Marvels

Among the pastoral meadows and valley watersheds, so many wild allies grow. Sweetness, strength and daily support come in these 15ml stock bottles with dropper. Take our Flower Essences 2-15 drops at time, either directly in the mouth or added to a glass of water. They can be taken every 15 minutes to relieve acute stress, or once or twice a day for to instigate long-term change and healing. Single remedies cost $12.00 each, or $18.00 for our pre-formulated Essential Remedies. Custom combination bottles are also available, as well as crystal elixirs, and you can access our full list of flower essences here.

Angelica Archangelica

Wild Angelica growing creekside, helping us move ecstatically with the flow of life. You have all the energy and potential of the great central sun within you, the creative vibrancy of a firework. Why do you hide the beauty of your feminine side, the manifestational divinity that you hold within? Nurture your vision and let it burst forth. Don’t worry about how the world will receive you, for you are already here and WE are waiting!


“We flow with life. We help you do the same. Find comfort in your surroundings. Be comfortable in your body, in your life. Increase your self-esteem and be confident in your abilities, desires and beliefs. Allergies? Skin conditions? Headaches? These are all symptoms of your emotional discomfort and vulnerability. We help you find solace in life, so that you can be physically at ease. There is nothing on this earth that seeks to harm you. You don’t need to defend your self so vigorously. Lower your guard and feel better on a day to day basis.”


Chicory is a creative, nurturing essence. Sometimes we care too much, put too  much of ourselves into our work and our relationships. When things don’t go our way or people express themselves independently, we might feel used, abandoned or betrayed. In reality, we are the only ones who can truly nurture ourselves. All love must come from within. We can only support that process in others, but we can n ot be the source of their light, nor they ours. Chicory helps us become more self-reliant, more independantly bright and satisfied. It helps us stregnthen our own grounding system so that we can truly reveal our beauty and creativity to the world. It helps us break out of patterns of over-thinking and creative blocks.

Clover, aka White Dutch or Ground Clover

Ground Clover helps us dismantle manifestations of fear within the community, improving group relations and work dynamics. It encourages peace and unification of vision, while healing old traumas within the collective consciousness.


When you are trying to keep your head up and your courage strong, coltsfoot is a powerful ally. Facilitate kundalini fire and allow youself to take a deep breath — coltsfoot will help you get where your higher mind wants you to be, where your soul speaks to the sun and the stars. Coltsfoot is one of the first flowers to emerge in spring, looking rather like a leafless dandelion on a tall, reinforced stalk. The flowers bloom first, the giant hoof-like leaves emerging weeks later after the flowers have gone to seed. It can be really difficult to take that first, second, third step, but coltsfoot never acknowledges fear. It helps you blast past self-doubt and merge with a better, sunnier reality, as it encourages your kundalini to rise and greet the golden light of the great central sun. Physically, coltsfoot essence benefits the solar plexus, diaphragm, and heart chakras, as well as the central nervous system and spine. It is a hardy plant that flourishes even along salty roadsides, teaching us to bloom where we are planted and overcome even the most difficult situations.

Crown Vetch

Crown vetch is an amazing flower of ascension. Like the lotus, it thrives and rises out of the muck — in this case, transmuting environmental toxins and pollution. Crown vetch helps our bodies do the same so that we can naturally rise in vibration and transistion into a better lifestyle without having to even think about it. Small changes will simply begin to happen in your life so that everything comes together more naturally, more healthfully, more high-vibrationally. Crown vetch reminds us that the tiniest shifts can be the most powerful, cascading and coalescing into a wave of beauty and perfection.


Honeysuckle works on the physical to heal cancers and immune disorders. It repairs RNA and DNA and helps transistion the body into a LIGHT-body, a crystalline form.

Joe Pye Weed

Sweet Joe-Pye Weed, also known as Hemp Agrimony and Gravel Root, activates the thymus gland chakra, an energy center all about directing your visions with sweetness for the highest good. Opening the higher heart chakra, this essence helps us shift easily into a life that helps others while lifting ourselves, unleashing the full beauty of our soul on the world. If you have been lonely or isolated, this will help you understand that you are never truly alone. Love surrounds you. Life surrounds you. There is beauty in solitude, the quiet still space where you can connect to your soul and rise above ego. Here, we can remember who we truly are — and then return with the knowledge to awaken our cells, to stay healthier, happier, younger in body and spirit.

Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris)

A preferred smudging plant throughout much of Europe and North America, Mugwort is known to us as “Dreaming Lady.” As a flower essence she helps banish our fears and bad dreams, and is a wonderful essence to use with children who are insecure, do not like to be alone, or have trouble sleeping. Too many entities disturbing your rest? Try a few drops of mugwort at night — you will be shielded by Mugworts nurturing, silvery lunar energy so that you may have pleasant dreams and sleep peacefully. Physically, it is considered a plant for balancing feminine energies and working with issues of sexuality and fertility.


Be cool. Release your anger. Don’t react so much. In a world of ever-burgeoning technology and distraction, peppermint helps us stay focused and ignore distractions. Instead of relying on crutches to dull pain or sensation, peppermint helps us open up to the world around us in a comfortable way. A great essence for those suffering from chemical or sensory sensitivities. Physically, helpful to restore balance to the nervous system and hormones.

Queen Anne’s Lace (Daucus carota)

Queen Anne’s Lace has a unifying, restructuring energy. It brings groups together; it allows our soul pieces to regain cohesion. Use any time you are reintegrating soul pieces or doing soul retreival and past life work. Queen Anne is also very helpful when we are trying to pick up the pieces — after a divorce, a traumatic accident, or a confusing and sudden ending to any situation (including loss). A good study aid that helps one bring information together and maintain stability and calm. Fabulous for fostering teamwork. Physically, Queen Anne is cooling and soothing, especially when it comes to skin issues.