Mountain Majesties

Tall trees. High elevations. These essences help you aim big and stay grounded, coming in a 15ml stock bottle with dropper so you can access the mountains at home. Take our Flower Essences 2-15 drops at time, either directly in the mouth or added to a glass of water. They can be taken every 15 minutes to relieve acute stress, or once or twice a day for to instigate long-term change and healing. Single remedies cost $12.00 each, or $18.00 for our pre-formulated Essential Remedies. Custom combination bottles are also available, as well as crystal elixirs, and you can access our full list of flower essences here.


Pine, Eastern White

Eastern White Pine holds a special place in our heart and home. Every fall and spring, our guides remind us to drink the light, refreshing tea that can be made from the tree’s needles and twigs. As a tea, it is a powerful tonic and immune booster. As a flower essence? It has an entirely different purpose. This essences enhances all your senses. It opens you to sensual delight, increases auric sight and intuition, makes you revel in the lightness of being. At the same time, it quietly strengthens your aura and sheilds you from heavy vibrations and energy drains.

Sugar Maple

Made from a vigorous, mature tree, our sugar maple stimulates. Have you been feeling tired, apathetic, lazy? This Acer fills your reserves so you are charged up and ready to go! It will spur you into action, wake you from apathy and boredom with an itch to achieve, a renewed sense of vigor and desire to DO something.

Super Spruce (Pikea Rubens)

Plucked from a Red Spruce at 4000ft under the light of a full wintry Super Moon, this mountain-lover’s essence is just what you need to clear out old, carbon-based karma under a comforting cloak of protection. Ancient, wise, resilient with a hint of sass — these are the qualities of our Mountain Spruce essence. Want to up your vibration and face the craziness of the world with insurmountable calm and strength of mind? Want to clear your aura and shield your energies from external tampering? Looking for peace, joy, and the freedom to laugh? This is your essence. Stay young, stay strong, and evolve into your crystalline form.


Tamarack will toughen you up. It helps to strengthen the whole body and tone your mental faculties so you can do what you need to do. It helps you align with the new earth energies and balance the any excess kinetic energy in the physical body. Use it to combat geopathic stress and target a weak spleen or liver, or to help boost confidence and overall stamina.