Woodland Wonders

Deep in the forests, there are many wonders. These powerhouse essences will help you weather the new incoming Earth energies. Access the high vibrations of these amazing essences via 15ml stock bottles with dropper. Take our Flower Essences 2-15 drops at time, either directly in the mouth or added to a glass of water. They can be taken every 15 minutes to relieve acute stress, or once or twice a day for to instigate long-term change and healing. Single remedies cost $12.00 each, or $18.00 for our pre-formulated Essential Remedies. Custom combination bottles are also available, as well as crystal elixirs, and you can access our full list of flower essences here.

Artic Starflower

Feel like you are caught between two worlds, or two ways of thinking? Have a hard time making decisions? Artic Starflower will help ground you here in the physical so you can do more than just survive. This essence connects acts like a compass for soul paths, connecting you to all seven directions so you can easily navigate life on earth AND thrive!
Artic Starflower harmonizes the seven chakras of the body to sustain geopathic assaults, forging a more resiliant etheric body by aligning with the energies of the fae. It will also activate any high vibration starseed bloodlines. If you are sensitive to the energies coming in from solar flares or deep space, this will help you take everything in with grace. Do you sometimes feel powerless or misunderstood, like a small soul in a big world, or easily overlooked? Arctic Starflower will help you reclaim your true power.


Bloodroot clears family karma and genetic distortions in the most gentle, clear way possible: by flooding the lightbody with the purest source energy. That which was dark, transforms into beauty. That which was bitter becomes sweet.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley helps us go deeper with a wider view — grasp the bigger picture on all levels, while you uncover buried emotions and gather focus to do what you need to do. Lily of the Valley helps us understand both the details and the whole, so we can work well with others and foster a better community.

Siberian Squill

Be easy. Be calm. Release your anger. Siberian Squill helps you transmute anger into joy. It releases emotional hangups that have been stored in your body and are affecting your liver, spleen and pancreas. It helps you communicate and let go of the pain and resentment. Squill sets you free from your inhibitions and self-impose obstacles, so that you can move forward with a sense of joy and freedom.

Snowdrop, Wild

Wild Snowdrop (Galanthus Nivalis) gracefully prepares you for change, for any experience by completely leveling you up to wherever you need to be, right here, right now. With utter purity, total readiness, you’ll be able to face whatever comes your way. Don’t get a clean slate — BE a clean slate!!

Spindle Berry, Autumn Essence

Spindle tree carries the essential warmth and vitality of the sun into the lower and upper chakras, warming the heart and stimulating the sacral chakra. Get comfortable with yourself, your creativity, and your place in the tribe with our spindle berry essence, lovingly made by the indirect method under the energizing aspects of an Aries moon and bright, clear sun. Linked in Druid lore to the mother of the furies, the spindle tree has ancient associations with inspiration and cleansing. Let go of the old and bless your new beginnings with the passion and fire of spindle berry while you weave your plans. Spindle berry has special four-fold balance, harmonizing the four elements and helping us shed old skin, old patterns, old karma.

Trillium, Painted

Painted Trillium dissolves obstinance and stubborn behaviors. Trillium, especially painted trillium, effortlessly balances the male and female energies within the etheric blueprint, allowing us to work with akash and the merkaba more easily. Physically, it clears deep karmic infections and supports the production of vigorous white blood cells.

Trout Lily, Yellow

Weather any storm with our Yellow Trout Lily essence. Just a few drops will balance the 2nd, 3rd and 4th chakras with the new activation of the diaphragm chakra center while facilitating a deep cleanse of fear-based distortions. Physically, try Trout Lily to calm nervous stomachs and digestive disorders.